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  1. [Arcade PC] Aliens: Extermination (Global VR)

    can anyone help me setup the controls with the mouse enabler? I cannot get it to work for some reason the in game reticule barely shows up and when it does cant hit anything
  2. [Info] Castlevania. Someone played it with Wiimotes?

    Not yet.. I've been looking to there used to be a public dump of it but cannot find it anymore. Trying to get controls working for aliens extermination but haven't figured out how yet.
  3. [Info] Castlevania. Someone played it with Wiimotes?

    There are dumps but I forget where I found a copy of before unfortunately I didn't download it at the time but I will once I can find the link again.
  4. [Arcade PC] Aliens: Extermination (Global VR)

    I also tried the mouse enabler posted on these forums I can fire 3 diff guns but no target reticule ever shows up on the screen except for brief flashes every now and then its random. Anyway to fix this??
  5. [Arcade PC] Aliens: Extermination (Global VR)

    how do you get the mouse controls working on this and what is the start button? I'm new at this and my system is w10 64bit got everything working except the controls how do you enable mouse input? I'm not using VMware.