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  1. [Hidden Content] The soc is from amd with a igpu (radeon) so we will need a lot of shader fixes Streaming a PC game video output to a ps vita
  2. Any hints or instructions ? Solved. Hex edits: E:/ drive fix Otherwise it will only work from e:/contents reflecbeat.dll - 0x28B0FC: 65 3A 2F -> 64 65 76 Use 32 bit spice tools and 32 bit stubs Make a text file with this content spice -ea Rename new made file.txt file to start.bat Use irotate to set screen to portrait mode [Hidden Content] Double click start.bat
  3. [Hidden Content] Sonic [Hidden Content] Use jdownloader to download it will take a while it is not online all the time
  4. No it is felica.txt in SDDF_1.31.00/app/package/DEVICE
  5. How can i make it full screen at 1920x1200 ?
  6. idzio.dll determines the steering the original included version is probably more precise 250 ? i have no steering wheel so i can not test
  7. 1,2 are used in the service menu 3 is insert coin Press and hold enter when it asks to use a aime card
  8. You can try version 8 of segatools for new steering options and a older version of minime for server functions
  9. Try ? Maybe you will not have that specific problem.
  10. Windows 10 1809 (and newer) crashfix 1. Download and install LAVFilters 2. Open up "LAV Video Configuration" 3. Go to "Formats" and untick "Use Microsoft WMV9 MFT decoder for WMV3 and VC-1" 4. Download and run Codec Tweak Tool 5. Select "Preferred decoders" under "Win7DSFilterTweaker" 6. Scroll down under "## 32-bit decoders ##" to WMV1 7. Select LAV Video for "WMV3" (and optionally "WMVA") 8. Click Apply and then close it.
  11. In segatools.ini What version of segatools are you using ? Here the latest version is on the previous page You set both to 1 ? ; Invert the accelerator axis (Needed when using DirectInput for the Dualshock 4 for example) ; Set these to 1 if your axis are reversed (as in, not pressing the trigger or pedal will brake and accelerate fully, instead of not at all) reverseAccelAxis=0 ; Invert the brake axis (Needed when using DirectInput for the Dualshock 4 for example) reverseBrakeAxis=0
  12. Yeah My first post on the previous page There you go
  13. Here are good instructions No ID 0 will not work with teknoparrot reaver said the game is new and still in arcades and he will not support it for a few years
  14. MKDX will probably not work on your i5-8250u CPU with a build in UHD 620 GPU A lot of games do not support a Intel GPU most games work fine on a NVIDIA for a AMD GPU you will need shader patches [Hidden Content]
  15. Use older version of teknoparrot (1.92) without crc check on games Older versions, [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]