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  1. Try speakers (Realtek high definition audio) or 6 or 3 Connect speakers / headphone (3.5 mm jack) accordingly Example Set to 16 bit, 44100 Hz, CD Quality Stereo
  2. External DAC ? Use internal soundcard on motherboard at 16 bit 44100 Hz stereo I suggest you use a static IP address on your PC and configure segatools.ini accordingly DM me your segatools.ini and your dosbox screenshot, type ipconfig/all Info is only local network settings, nothing personal
  3. Use google translate on your phone, take picture, mark text It says in Japanese Checking delivery server Looking for delivery server Minime runs fine, just let it run in the background Afaik, your problem can be solved in the service menu, look in this thread begin from page 1, somewhere it is explained what to set in service / test menu
  4. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    Recalibrate steering, gas, brake in service / test menu, should work again afaik
  5. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Are you sure you use the new type of card in segatools.ini ? [aime] ; Tell segatools to generate an aime.txt instead of felica.txt ; Necessary for IDZ Version 2+ aimeGen=1 felicaGen=0 Keep in mind segatools will not save correctly after a certain point in 2.11 Mileage driven and tuning is saved, but not story progress
  6. According to the service manual it communicates over RJ45 / normal network cable [Hidden Content] Crisis 5 Manual.pdf Page 71 But does it only work in a specific IP range, just like Tekken ?
  7. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    Learn to search ! [Hidden Content]
  8. TP supports multiple Linux based games in Windows 10 No need for other installations [Hidden Content]
  9. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    Use 7zip !!! [Hidden Content]
  10. You do not dump the dongle, with the dongle you can dump unencrypted hdd data
  11. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    I'll see you November 5th 1955 at the corner of 5th and 11th street Don't forget to bring the game and plutonium. Listen well, I'll say this only once, you could ask Spiderz..... Oh sorry, I did not mean to curse
  12. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Hold enter key
  13. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Yeah ..... those .exe from this LOVELY public dump from last night (love.7z) workout fine !! From this link: [Hidden Content] As you can see [Hidden Content] But as I mentioned before, the .exe in the mega public dump are ENCRYPTED ! It works fine with the correct files [Hidden Content]
  14. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Find a decrypted dump and share here, the more chance you can play this game in the near future ! Get back quick .....
  15. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    [Hidden Content] BTW refresh page (F5) between every .exe patch, otherwise it will not work correctly !