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  1. The date is the operation start date (the operation start date of the first work in the series or the first work using this board) According to this, the ALL.net P-ras MULTI Version3 runs on ALLS UX, some are conversions from Soul Reverse arcade cabinets, and otherwise they were converted to Chrono Regalia. ALLS UX adopted title Soul Reverse (SEGA Interactive, February 22, 2018 → Service Ended) SEGA World Drivers Championship 2018 (SEGA Interactive, March 14, 2018 → Service has ended on April 30, 2021) Fate / Grand Order Arcade (SEGA Interactive, July 26, 2018) House of the Dead ~ Scarlet Dawn ~ (SEGA Interactive, September 13, 2018) An optional sound board has been added. Chrono Regalia (SEGA Interactive, February 21, 2019) Conversion from Soul Reverse (casing conversion) WCCF FOOTISTA 2019 (SEGA Interactive, March 14, 2019) ALL.net P-ras MULTI Version3 (SEGA Interactive, April 18, 2019 There is also a conversion (casing conversion) from Soul Reverse ALLS HX adopted title Ongeki (SEGA Interactive, July 26, 2018) Card Maker (SEGA Interactive, July 26, 2018) WACCA (Marvelous, July 18, 2019) ALLS UX2 adopted title STARHORSE4 (Main Monitor) (SEGA Interactive, November 20, 2019 [2] Conversion from STARHORSE3 ALLS HX2 adopted title maimai deluxe (SEGA Interactive, July 11, 2019) Chunithm International ver. Series (Sega, November 26, 2020) ALLS MX2 adopted title STARHORSE4 (Satellite) (SEGA Interactive, November 20, 2019 [2] Conversion from STARHORSE3) Fiz (Sega, October 8, 2020) ALLS MX2.1 adopted title Initial D THE ARCADE (Sega, February 25, 2021 Conversion from Initial D ARCADE STAGE Zero) ALLS X2 adopted title MESTA (Medal Station) (SEGA Interactive, November 20, 2019) Source: [Hidden Content]_(アーケードゲーム基板)
  2. You / we got other people to thank for that !
  3. It is being worked on As far as i know in menu one gun is used and there in lies a small problem at the moment No idea when this game will be supported
  4. Windows 11 Leak

    [Hidden Content] Well people want to run their games on win7 for "compatibilty" reasons I recommend them to make a hard disk image of their current working windows partition, eventually it won't work anymore because of (forced) updates or other Windows crap. Win10 is a mixture of good and bad, but the first thing to do is remove "features" aka neuter it ! Win11 looks like they try to follow the OSX GUI, I guess it will become a mess, especialy for emulation and such. Choices, choices .... Or just stay on that what works for you
  5. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Afaik most games run at 60 Hz Some newer rhythm music dance games run at 120 Hz
  6. Thanks for effort for uploading pics and such So the new one is PKF Rev. 108692R The old one is what revision, can somebody boot the old version in windowed mode to see what the revision is ? How did you go about all those .vhd files, sequentialy on date and overwriting old data ?
  7. Did you start minime before the game ? Do you use the latest version Did you edit your segatools correctly ? Check here
  8. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  9. Set your PC to static IP [Hidden Content] Then open DOS box and type ipconfig/all Look for IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : (Preferred) Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . : Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . . . : Set IPv4 for [dns] Set Default Gateway for [keychip] BUT last number is 0 !
  10. Sorry not SDWC but SWDC
  11. Which versions do you have ?
  12. SWDC works out of the box ! Xbox 360 controller works, but no button assigned for coin insert. Anyone got a solution for coin insert / free play ?