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  1. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    Where is the 20201231 file ? Link ?
  2. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    Some more info [Hidden Content] This is for JConfig, other games [Hidden Content]
  3. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    1. Unzip Spice tools and Asphyxia (inside sdvx) 2. Edit ea3-config.xml in your game subfolder to the local host ip from Asphyxia Copy this [Hidden Content] And also paste it in spicetools 'options' tab [Hidden Content] 3. Generate card and edit controls if needed. 4. Run Asphyxia 5. Run the game. Thats all you gotta do Edit: Some more info about ea3-config.xml <network> <protocol>httpac</protocol> <sz_xrpc_buf type="u32">102400</sz_xrpc_buf> <ssl type="bool">0</ssl> <http11 type="bool">0</http11> <url_slash type="bool">0</url_slash> <services>[Hidden Content]; </network> 8080 is used for Spicetools 8083 is used for Asphyxia
  4. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    [Hidden Content] It says server maintenance in progress E-amusement pass and service not available So, the game runs now in maintenance mode Figure out what e-amusement and paseli are [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Are you sure Asphyxia is running correctly ? Did you check the files in the folders, .ini .xml with wordpad ? Did you set the right IP address for asphyxia ? At the top right of the page there is a search button, use from frontpage otherwise it will only search a thread
  5. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    You got a phone ? Download google translate, take a picture and mark text on phone screen to translate
  6. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    create a card0.txt with spicecfg.exe iea3_pkglist_open_internal : no list.. No idea
  7. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    Take the latest version ? asphyxia-v0.2.0a.zip The X86 version is for 32 bit [Hidden Content]
  8. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    somany ...... So many ? What do you mean ? Be clear and consice There is a 32 and 64 bit version With what .bat do you start the game 32 or 64 bit version ?
  9. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    Forgot about Asphyxia When you run Asphyxia remove -ea from .bat file Not 100% sure about that
  10. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    Here !!! Start SVDX.bat this one contains this text spice.exe -ea It is for 32 bit games Start SVDX64.bat this one contains this text spice64.exe -ea It is for 64 bit games Not sure which one you need Add to folder and double click to start game BUT !!! It is a tate mode game, portrait mode, so you got to rotate your screen or your head But do not get vertical video syndrome ! You want to automate screen turning ? You will have to add this to the .bat file (right click to edit) iRotate.exe /rotate=90 Use irotate to set screen to portrait mode [Hidden Content] Copy iRotate.exe from install folder to game folder OR Use Ctrl+Alt+ arrow keys to rotate screen BEFORE starting game !
  11. Mohkerz Loaderz v0.5.2

    You could try to configure buttons to check the test / service menu Or you could check some .xml or .ini files with notepad in your game folder and edit it Not sure about these games, how to set credits or freeplay Try
  12. [Hidden Content] Password: MOHKERZ Temporay upload, so mirror this file for other users !! I will not upload it again !!
  13. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    Make your own ? Create a start.txt file with notepad and type spice.exe -ea OR spice64.exe -ea IF it is a 64 bit game Save the start.txt file Check if Windows explorer shows file extensions [Hidden Content] CHANGE start.txt TO start.bat !!! Configure inputs in spicecfg.exe All done ? Run your own made start.bat file BTW, the pictures posted on emuline are very small, post on external site like imgshare.io Latest spicetools and other loaders are here [Hidden Content]
  14. in need of supercars v2.06 iso recovery

    So you got a arcade machine ? You can buy original recovey media here [Hidden Content] Or you can check here You will need megadownloader 1.8 from this page for the mega://enc2? link