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  1. Or my dump of SnoCross is bad - I’m using the Teknoparrot version with the 4gb patch
  2. Thanks, I did everything in the video and still SnoCross is missing the racers and some graphics. I do not get why, Super Bikes 2 and Super Cars run fine, its probably not compatible with Nvidia/Intel/Windows 10.
  3. I am playing teknoparrot with SnoCross and have the 4GB patch it plays fine but the snow sleds are missing polygons. Any idea why? I am playing on an HP laptop with a 1660ti GeForce and a 9th gen intel i7.
  4. I tried SnoCross on my Windows 10 laptop. Won't even load. It just shows the game menu then crashes.
  5. Does someone have a link for all the Snocross files?
  6. I downloaded it but my Win 10 assigned it to windows media player and won't load. I'm working on that. Do you have to put the file into any other files to load it or just click and it opens?
  7. Someone said it crashed in windows 7 on youtube. Some say it works in win 10 (just crashes in Moscow and Washington DC) and some says it crashes after the end of each race in win 10. You can try it in windows 7 and see if that helps it.
  8. damn, I have windows 10. Why does windows 10 have to ruin playing SnoCross for me ? haha
  9. I wonder if they coded it on Windows 7? It was a 2012 release and probably in development since 2010 & 2011. Its newer than Superbikes 2 though which runs flawless on Win 10/Nvidia
  10. Its funny I want this game to work and its having the most problems. I like it because of the Snow, theres not many cool Snow based games and its done well. Wish it had more tracks but the 7 tracks are done very well.
  11. [Arcade PC] Super Bikes 2™ (Raw Thrills)

    Hey SB2 Fans: SnoCross is almost playable here is the link: Does anyone know how to code the XBox 360 controller file that was done for SB2 to use with SnoCross as well?
  12. ok. I’ll try it in the root folder and see if it works. hope so, SnoCross I really like I feel its different as there aren’t many Snow based Games that are good. Thank you for getting this game to the forums and your hard work. Its appreciated greatly.
  13. Do you think its crashing because of Windows 10/Nividia graphics cards or because it needs to be in a certain place like SB2 and SuperCars had to be?