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  1. Does anyone have this game working with a ATI graphics card?
  2. Having the black screen issue as well, FirePro V5900 card. I get a splash screen of sorts but then it just goes straight to black.
  3. The files you uploaded where already created on my end. Tekno does not work for me, black screen after splash screen,
  4. I have started clean and neither work. I will investigate the uploaded files, maybe that will fix it.
  5. I really hope there is a fix soon. Hopefully this is the answer to our problems?
  6. I am having this problem as well. The drivers for my video card are updated; AMD FirePro V5900.
  7. Is it possible to run this game at a resolution of 1280x768 or below? ie 1280x720 or 1024x768?
  8. Game Loader All Rh

    I noticed this link is invalid, could someone please provide a good working link? Thank You Dead or Alive 5 Update 2 | DOA5A.exe | Supports LoaderMode=0,1 only. | [Hidden Content]
  9. Game Loader All Rh

    Thank You. Can never seem to get this one working but hopefully these files will help.
  10. Game Loader All Rh

    Trying to download this but every time I click to continue it just restarts and never downloads. Could some maybe upload this to Mega please?
  11. BTW. I sat a key for the service menu and the game will not let me in it. Go figure...
  12. Awwwweeeee... Ok, thank you! You seem helpful, maybe you can answer my Guilty Gear question. I am using it with Game Loader in portal mode to change the res. from 1024x768 to 1280x720 but when I do the game crashes. If I put the monitor in 1280x720, it works fine. I am using the same method for VF5 ver. c and it works fine. Any ideas?
  13. Can you truly turn off the 3D to make the picture look different? When pressing the button I recall it looking the same with a very slight picture shift.
  14. I thought there were differences in the game? Seemed to me like the quality of the picture was better with the non-3D revision.