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  1. myarcade go to teknoparrot.com, at the top right register and make a account to save MKDX online, enjoy !
  2. You use this one ? [Hidden Content]
  3. You use the wrong tool, all work fine !!
  4. mega://enc2?kd6vv6SKu7BPAuZB5RafZj9RVHgzWOTJTTfGCMlWOHhWueAIwYdOojT3NGo4EqeOeU2FNrBQ4byYjLpWfdXBJw mega://enc2?tK2LvZOriU77ia71kZ1nXeUE03Vc8V9tUI2eDfY9ZWyh5uLIb9C2d_6-ATfYDlvoBWg2FJq7B1I5yiFSda06SQ mega://enc2?-F-dQeyrkmK_isYXKeWfxzsQ8H6rWGHYV5pGVA9rpdanPXanrQOnoUuyLIK-pEsGhvq0yQaU2IH8by07jIM3fg mega://enc2? => for file mega://fenc2? => for folder You need Mega Downloader 1.7 [Hidden Content] (100% reliable according to 7zxkv, because unpacked)
  5. Proper original idmac file ? Which one is that ? md5 check?
  6. Mario Kart drifting does not work in teknoparrot ? Translation pack version 6.
  7. Before people ask. Password is MOHKERZ
  8. Thanks Pooterman for the awesome game icons !!
  9. assign service button on joystick in TP that is coin up before intro ends otherwise game crash for me.
  10. Sega Rally 3 will not work past Windows 10 1803
  11. SEGA NU SUPPORT ? Supported games Date is the start date of operation (the first work of a series work or the start date of the first work using this board) Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone Series (SEGA, November 21, 2013) (earlier version uses the RINGEDGE board) Wonderland Wars Series (SEGA, February 19, 2015) Nu 1.1 Luigi Mansion Arcade ( Capcom , June 18, 2015) Chuunism Series (SEGA Interactive, July 16, 2015) crossbeats REV. ( Capcom , July 23, 2015) Mario & Sonic AT Rio Olympics Arcade Game ( Nintendo / Sega Interactive, February 24, 2016) Kankore Arcade (Sega Interactive, April 26, 2016) Nu 2 Sangokushi great war (the second term) (Sega Interactive, December 21, 2016) Initial D ARCADE STAGE Zero (SEGA Interactive, March 7, 2017) Nu SX Hero bank Arcade (SEGA, July 2, 2014) Adopts SAYAKA CABINET, a dedicated video game console for kids games E-Dell Susana series (Sega, November 27, 2014) Fortune-telling collection Torotte (SEGA, December 18, 2014) New beetle king Musi King (Sega Interactive, July 16, 2015) Hero bank case, diverting SAYAKA CABINET Nailply (SEGA Interactive, November 19, 2015) Kemono Friends 3 Planet Tours (Sega Interactive) The actual machine was unveiled at the JAEPO 2019 venue, but the case was the design of SAYAKA CABINET itself. Nu SX1.1 Graffiti card battle shooting king (Sega ・ Interactive / Cocono ・, July 13, 2016) Board specification CPU Intel Core i3-3220 3.30 GHz Main memory DDR3 SDRAM PC3-12800 4GB GPU Nu: NVIDIA made GeForce GTX650 Ti GDDR5 VRAM 1GB installed Nu1.1: NVIDIA made GeForce GTX750 Ti GDDR5 VRAM 2GB installed Direct X 11.1 · OpenGL 4.3 compatible Full HD 2 screen output compatible Sound High Definition Audio . Supports 192 KHz / 32bit 5.1ch output Input and output Analog / digital output DVI-I terminal x 1, digital output DVI-D terminal x 1 Onboard LAN 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T Commercial game input / output JVS I / O connector Serial 4ch USB 3.0 x 4 port CAN × 2 port storage APACER SATA SSD 64GB + HGST HDD 500GB: TDK SATA SSD GBDISK GS1 128GB + HGST HDD 500GB [Hidden Content]_(アーケードゲーム基板)
  12. use service button on joystick in Teknoparot
  13. We will see when this game will work on PC. Inputs are working ? Is this Sega Ringedge game ? When supported when will it be not Patreon only after two weeks ? I hope for soon releases
  14. Can you check difference between both versions cracked and uncracked. And upload the different files ? Thank you
  15. Extract rawart folder with this GUI. [Hidden Content]