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  1. Block King is now supported by Jconfig
  2. mirror: Byon Byon.7z = [Hidden Content] Mogutte Horehore.7z = [Hidden Content] Poogie Race.7z = [Hidden Content]
  3. Cant because my house is beign renovated and the machine is in storage, you can get the older emulator at 1cc in a old post. Then you can get into attrac mode, also you need older hardware as the Linux x86 libs and Nvidia do not work with newer hardware.
  4. It boots into attrac mode, I have been busy rebuilding my home.
  5. Did some work on it, boots attract screen and inserts coins somewhat. Alot left to do what I got from the OG creator.
  6. Try downloading from China then you live in Europe.
  7. I was drunk last night surfing weird websites in a incognito edge mode, I ended up on a Chinese forum and managed to get on their ftp by using default admin user and pass. I don't remember how I found the site since I was drunk, so I grabbed the files that was available this should be their translated names from Chinese, download of them took 18 hours. D1GP Arcade (TTX2): [Hidden Content] (D1GPA (VMs).7z (uptobox.com)) Block king Ball Shooter (激投伝説ブロックキング / Geki tō Densetsu Burokku Kingu) [a.k.a. Legendary Cannon]) (TTX+): [Hidden Content] (BKBS (VMs).7z (uptobox.com)) (Work with Jconfig, check thread)
  8. I had to run Cryptserver and NesysOffline as admin to even get the game running.
  9. Its shit anyways only pactise mode works.
  10. Game needs to be heavily patched to unlock more options.
  11. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Google "Parrot Previous" and you will find what you search, look in the section Pictures.
  12. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Motherload of Dumps.torrent I created Motherload because of all dump links going down, I am solely the author of it.