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  1. Have you try to check the option "check for update on launch" ?
  2. Dans tout les cas, tu ne pourra pas le finir [Hidden Content]
  3. "Sometimes it is good to clean and resintall to check what is wrong" " Best way is FORMAT " Lol, it s exactly the opposite, with this way you will never find what is wrong, and you can have it again. It's the easier/faster way but never a good solution.
  4. In fact it s not a problem, now I know the bug, but I rly can't explain that. I have do like you on the computer n°1, all have work at first try without problems. But some game/system take lot of time to configure so I have a computer n°2 that is a copy of the computer 1, and usualy I just copy files from one computer to the other to go faster. And I spent lot of time to find why somes games don't work on n°2, Now they work but I can't understand why they don't work same.
  5. Hello I have a new problem/bug, I have a solution but no answer. I have copy/paste arcade game folder from a computer to another, same OS (Win 7), same folders (always same name). And on some game like Hauted museum 1 and 2, on the first computer the game works if the executable is on the racine eg "F:\emulateur\Arcade\TaitoX\Haunted Museum/game.exe" but on the second I need to create a fake folder to have it working eg "F:\emulateur\Arcade\TaitoX\Haunted Museum/exe/game.exe". I have found this bug because on the second computer before a crash the application create files (*.cfg and *.crc) on the previous folder "F:\emulateur\Arcade\TaitoX". For information theses 2 games works without loader. Someone have an idea ?
  6. Bon si quelqu'un peut m'expliquer ce que je loupe ? Je teste BlazeBlue Central Fiction, j'arrive a lancer le jeu mais j'ai une icone en bas, une manette barre, et evidement la manette ne marche pas. Si je passe par "Game Loader All RH" (V0.2.9.6) j'ai droit a un "i/o error" Si je passe par "RFIDGod_inject" pas d'erreur mais la manette ne marche pas (et je croyais que ce fichier etait obsolette ?) La manette fonctionne en Xinput et est configuree avec Jconfig. Edit: Bon j'ai du mieux avec la version 1.3 rc1 de iDmax, la manette fonctionne. Mais il y a toujours cette icone a la con en bas de l'ecran.
  7. Game Loader All Rh

    IDK for Operation ghost, but I have let's go island. For this game you need both teknoparrot+Loader RH, even you use only Loader RH. Let's go island in teknoparrot crash because of resolution generaly, I think if you make a try in windowed mode you will not have crash. To use let's go island in Teknoparrot with all resolutions in Fullscreen, you need to patch exe file+ edit a file, so much complicated, launch it with loader RH you will have less problem, teknoparrot is realy buggy. Perhaps you have changed the resolution with the loader so now teknoparrot can't work. Make a try in windowed mode.
  8. Game Loader All Rh

    Wich one for exemple ? I haven't this problem.
  9. Or you can use Teknoparrot (without dxwnd) but you need to edit the fwDataDB_Application.txt file and use a patch for pointer bug, the manipulation is on this topic.
  10. I had same problem, I think you have already modified the "fwDataDB_Application.txt" file for resolution problem. After that you need to apply a patch for cible target look here, second post. But idk if it works for all resolution, will be usefull if we can edit ourself the exe file with an hexa editor.
  11. Game Loader All Rh

    And another question, why this loader need Technoparrot ? We need 2 loader to use it ? I have tried to reset all config file, and I m still in fullscreen mode, where is the option to set it in windowed mode.
  12. Game Loader All Rh

    Hello. On tab "loader setting 1" I have let 1024*600 mode 1 On tab "window size" 1024 * 600 too (or 1920*1080). I use "Game Loader All RH.exe" to run game. Technoparrot is pointed, else you have an error message. And I don't find in the configurator how to use Windowed mode (it will sove some resolution problem).
  13. Game Loader All Rh

    Lets's go island is supposed to work ? I have the version RH 296, I have tried all possible configuration and only a black screen , no error message .... The executable is called "LGI_RingW_F_safe.exe" And BTW how to use this launcher in windowed mode ?
  14. Lol, pareil pour moi, c'est pour ca que je demandais. Autant avec d'autres applis ca passe direct pour 1 joueur, mais pour deux ...
  15. Salut, quelqu'un a deja pose la question, mais j'ai pas pu voir les reponses et comme maintenant le topic fait 41 pages, pr le retrouver ... Je sais qu'il y a moyen de se servir de wiimote pour remplacer le gun pour un joueur, mais est ce qu'il y a aussi un moyen d'avoir un mode 2 joueurs (notamment pour Let's go Island), car la methode que je connais emule juste 1 souris, et je galere avec la config.