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  1. Script AHK for Transformer for hise/restore cursor on Teknoparrot. Game launch has detected by windows, cursor was hide automatically, Game quit has detected by windows, cursor was restore automatically. [Hidden Content]
  2. Where can I find a working version of "King of Fighters XIII Climax" that works in TP?? Many thanks in advance!
  3. Patch fix here [Hidden Content]
  4. Patch Manual [Hidden Content] But the file of djexpert work perfectly
  5. Game Loader All Rh

    Thanks but i have a error when i change the loader y by 6 but with HD patch it's work ^^
  6. Game Loader All Rh

    Anyone have à FHD patch for Shikigami III ? Link is first page has broken. Thanks
  7. Quelqu'un a une technique pour la rotation de l'ecran pour Shikigami III ?
  8. Where to put the profile.sav? At the root of the folder game ?
  9. Anyone have a iDmacDrv32 working with TP for Power Instinct 5 ? I have test some iDmacDrv32 and either that crash either it puts me a JVS Error Quelqun'un aurait un iDmacDrv32 fonctionner avec TP pour Power Instinct 5 ? J'en ai essayer plusieur et soit j'ai un crash de game.exe soit une erreur JVS ou soit j'ai bien l'intro mais des que j'appuie sur un bouton j'ai plus l'image (le son est ok) Merci
  10. Anyone have a iDmacDrv32 working with TP for Power Instinct 5 ?
  11. Ca commence bien j'avais ca game -PBD:/ -MEM256000 -f Avec ta commande ca marche nikel :D 1000 merci !!!