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  1. Do you guys also get error downloading when updating Teknoparrot ? The UI download i did first, and then teknoparrot restarted, and now when updating the remaing 2, it says error downloading.
  2. OMG Star wars Battle Pod, that would be awesome. Perhaps in time
  3. This latest update of teknoparrot fixed Transformers finally for me, played the game till the end, THX.
  4. I run under windows 10 build 1903, and for me the game quits after completing level 1. grtz
  5. Sorry Rambo still no sound, and Transformers quits after first level. Although some people say that transformers works 100% for them, so could be my pc build just not compat.
  6. Nice Thank you for sharing.
  7. I Think then you wil loose your patreon rights.
  8. Transformers hangs after some time playing, i also tried starting as admin. still hangs and shuts down, is there any fix for this, or do i have a bad dump file? grtz.