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  1. [Tuto] Modding of S912 based Pandora´s Key 7 / Treasure 3D (and clones)

    cdi format should work... Of course it depends on the game... Some games launch other not...
  2. Version of the topic: 02/03/2019 Acknowledgements: The information here is just a recompilation of techniques found in forum, youtube, discord. etc. I am no the author of those techniques. I want to thank especially Sp0ke, Ookami and Waltiti for they support and, of course, all the contributors and owner of those systems! 1. Intro: Hello, this topic is for all fans of Pandora's Key 7/ Treasure 3D an all other clones. It aims compilling all the information to modify and to improve the gaming experiences. We talk about the system with the following motherboard: It is based on a Amlogic S912 with different caracterisicis: For instance: CPU:ARM-cortex-a53 2GHzGraphics card: mali-t830mp4 650MHz From a software point of view those systems are based on Retroarch + Mame4droid + PPSPP + NAOMI Emulators. Now, we start with some tutorial 2. Adding 3d and 2d games (Level: EASY - Risk: NONE): Despite the fact that some vendors tell you that you cannot add games, it is not always true, all systems works on the following ways: Required Material: USB Pendrive or SD Card. In all cases, when using USB pendrive or any other USB material, you must connect it to the upper USB port. a ) For 3d games: You need filles in format iso, cso, pbp, cdi, gdi, n64, c64, z64, nmd, nmi - Basically: PSP, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64 and PS1 (but in Eboot format). Step 1 - In the root directory your sd card or pendrive create a directory roms/ Step 2 - Create a subdirectory (which will be the name of the game in the list Step 3 - Put your rom inside your directory Step 4 - (opitonal) Add an image in JPG format that will be displayed in the menu Remark: pbp, n64, cdi and iso are confirmed to work b ) For 2d games: Only mame 0.139u1 and FinalburnAlpha roms are compatible in ZIP format. Step 1 - In the root directory your sd card or pendrive create a directory 2d/roms/ Step 2 - Add your ZIP files Step 3 - If the game is compatible, its full name should appears automatically as it is in the retroarch database by default. 3. Running Lakka and configure internal joysticks (Level: Medium - Risk: Low): Lakka is a ready to use light Linux system which automatically launch a build of Retroarch (see: [Hidden Content] ). It exist a special build for S912 system. Some of the advantages are that: you can use additional roms of other gaming system, fully control the rendered options (e.g., graphical filters), add as many players as you want, play online, etc. However, currently, the internal Pandora´s key joysticks are not recognized by Lakka. Additional USB keyboard/joysticks must be used. Required Material: 1 or 2 USB Pendrive or SD Card, USB keyboard and USB hub. (OPTIONAL: USB Wifi Dongle for internet access and network options, USB joystick as the PK joystick are not automatically detected). In all cases, when using USB pendrive or any other USB material, you must connect it to the upper USB port. Step 1 - Download Lakka for S912: [Hidden Content]get/linux/s912/ Step 2 - Burn the image in a Pendrive or SD card. For instance, in windows Win32DiskImager can be used: [Hidden Content] Step 3 - Insert the USB drive on the upper USB port and switch on the device. Step 4 - The system automatically adjust Lakka and create partitions. Once it reboots, Lakka should work. System must be controlled via an USB keyboard. Step 5 - For adding games: roms can be added in the internal SD card of the Pandora Key or on an additional USB Pendrive. They are automatically detected by Lakka in the storage/roms directory). Step 6 - USB Wifi dongle can be used to connect Lakka to internet and the Internal network. Service SSH and Samba should be activated in Lakka. Once, connected to the router, In windows, lakka can be found by writting teh direction \\LAKKA in the file explorer. Roms can be added directly to the Lakka partitions. Remark: to launch the original Pandora Key OS, you only have to remove the Lakka pendrive or SD card. Now for adding the internal joystick, follows the steps: (see the full explanation here: [Hidden Content] ) Step 1 - Connect Lakka to your network with wifi/ethernet dongle Step 2 - Allow SSH connection in SERVICE Step 3 - Connect to Lakka via a PC (for instance with putty: [Hidden Content]) and user: root passwrod: root Step 4 - in putty write: > udevadm monitor Step 5 - Connect the internal joystick by using a usb to usb cable (one is given with most of Pandora´s Key models). Step 6 - Note the input address of the joystick (mine was: /devices/c9000000.dwc3/ Step 7 - Press Ctrl+Z to return to Lakka console Step 8 - in putty write: >udevadm info -a -p /devices/c9000000.dwc3/ (replace by your address) Step 9 - Copy the line of the report: ATTR{name}=="GZ RX CO.,LTD. RX Gamepad", where GZ RX CO.,LTD. RX Gamepad may change... Step 10 - In putty write: nano /storage/.config/udev.rules.d/99-juyao-dual-arcade.rules Step 11 - Add the line: ATTRS{name}=="GZ RX CO.,LTD. RX Gamepad",ACTION=="add",ENV{ID_INPUT_TABLET}="0",ENV{ID_INPUT_JOYSTICK}:="1" (USE YOUR NAME) Step 12 - Save and exit with Ctrl+O and Ctrl+X. Step 13 - Reboot and now your joystick are detected (both). Remark: due to a bug in Lakka, only allow player 1 to control the menu, else controls will become mad... 4. Playing with 4 or more players to 2d Mame or FBA games (Level: Easy - Risk: None): Despite the fact that most of the sellers say that only 3 players can play at the same time, it is not always true and 4 ore more players can be added. Required Material: USB hub and USB joysticks. In all cases, when using USB material, you must connect it to the upper USB port. Step 1 - Connect the USB hub and the joystick to the upper USB port of the device. Step 2 - Go to the setting menu. Step 3 - Usb joystick must be set to 'Player 3'. Step 4 - Go to the USB joystick mapping menu and map all the desired joysticks. Step 5 - If done correctly in the bottom-right part of the screen, as many joystick icon a connected joystick should appear. Step 6 - Enjoy multiplayer games (NBA jam, Xmen, Bomberman, ...) with friends! Remark: On some system, PS3 and PS4 joystick/joypad are confirmed to work. Currently 3d games are not configured for 3 or more players. Maybe in future version of the system it will work, please inform us on the comments... More tutorial will arrive soon (Running Lakka, acces to system files, etc...)...
  3. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    For the momet modifying the options of retroarch in the PK7 does not work due to write proection of system files... Try Lakka mentionned above, however at this moment it is not perfect as the PK7 joystick are not detected... Need to find the PK7 stick drivers in the system....
  4. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    Just for informaiton, Reformatting the SD card and reinstalling Lakka works... Now all core appears... I think Lakka must be clsoed properly. That is exiting retroarch... Now It is working perfectly!!!
  5. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    Write the image on a SD card... Insert the SD card on your PK. Reboot your PK as for TWRP. A flower appears and It will resize the SD card. Don´t be affraid PK system is safe. It reboot and VOILA!!!! Now as there is no Ethernet port you have to use usb Wifi dondel (or usb ethernet maybe it works) to connect to your network. You can also plug an usb drive, it is compatible and appears in storage/roms. However, now I am a blocked: How do I install cores in Lakka??? It comes without any core.... I am going to bed... If you have any idea please tell me... Also libreelec can be installed (but carefull do not format your PK system)... We keep in touch... Good night!
  6. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    Just for your information, I have installed Lakka (ver: [Hidden Content] ) and it runs perfectly (without damaging the original PK7 partition, removing the SD card you come back to your original PK). However I am not sur how to make it works without ethernet... Maybe an usb ethernet adaptator... All options of Retroarch are available... Unfortunately it comes without any installed core... I confirm that modifying ini files does not impact the games...
  7. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    Mmmh cahnging resolution seems to be more tricky than modifying a file, see: [Hidden Content]
  8. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    Use the TWRp s912 on a good USB drive (else it will not be recognized)... Mojo seems to not working.... I have found an interesting file 'mesondisplay.cfg' in System (don´t remeber the sub folder), but you have to mount System in TWRP, which contains: # 1.device type [MID | MBOX | TV] # 2.soc type [meson3 | meson6 | meson8 | meson8b | meson8m2] # # 3.if the device is MID, need set fb0 & fb1 width height fbbits triplebuffer # example: MID meson8b 768 1024 32 1 1280 720 32 1 # busybox fbset -fb /dev/graphics/fb0 -g 768 1024 768 3072 32 # busybox fbset -fb /dev/graphics/fb1 -g 1280 720 1280 2160 32 # # if the device is MBOX, need set default ui [720p | 1080p] MBOX meson8m2 1080p \ No newline at end of file Maybe if you change this file to 720p the resolution of your box will change. Always make a safe copy of your original files! As said by Sp0ke previously use notepad++, it works and conserve the orginial file format. I will try to change shaders by other ways... Tell me if you have any news... Thanks
  9. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    We have the same problem. In fact the resolution is not the big deal, the used interpolated shader is the most GPU consuming. It can be changed in retroarch,ini, however, modifying this file does not have any impact on the Games... Maybe there is several location for this file... But where? If I have any news I will send you a new message. Currently I am also blocked... I have done a 'grep retroarch.ini' in the console of TWRP.... But nothing appears at this moment....
  10. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    Your are my heroe! Adding 2D games works!!!! Despite the fact the seller tell me that it is not possible to add 2d games!!! In fact PAndora Key 7=Pandora Treasure 3D= we can add 3d and MAME 2d games. However, I have seen that only some MAME game are compatbile. And If they are compatible, they appear with the complete name. They are registered in the database of the emulator. For instance Axe 2... The name is automatically fullfiled. Very interesting... Non MAME/FBA roms does not works... Additional core should be added... I have no info for doing that... Modifying the retroarch.ini (some options, such that does not activate the filter or add keyboard shortcuts) seems not working... Maybe the used INI file is in another place? Does changes have affected your PK? IF at any time you have additional info about how accessing deepwitch (changin game options), please give me the information. I have tried to mount the unibios (see: [Hidden Content]) in the /mame/roms/, it does not have any impact on neogeo games... I will post later future experiments...
  11. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    Creo que si PB 5+ y 6... LA 5 'simple' no lo sé... Yo tengo un Pandora Key y parece que tampoco funciona, estoy un poco disgustado...
  12. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    Thank you for your help and interesting answer. I have found how to add wallpapers in (/data/media/fw/wallpaper). My PK is now more beatiful! I have found the confg files of retroarch and will try to changes some parameters. But the options are limited. For adding games, most of the pandora key 7 does not allow to add directly 2D game via USB ('only' susport N64, PSP, PSX and DC). Do you have any alternative solution for adding 2d game via USB? I have seen that the format are ***.2d and ***.3d for the included roms (roms+title+image or video). Do you have any idea on how generate those kind of files? MY pause menu (which should be the retroarch menu) only hace the option EXTI and RESUME. Do you know how to add more options (such as SAVE STATES, CORE OPTIONS, ETC?) as in classical retroarch? Finally, do you have seen an internet link with more details about the PK7 modification? Thank you again.
  13. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    Be carefull, I think that the motherboard+CPU+GPU are not the same, so the backup should not be compatible....
  14. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    Thank you! It works perfectly! A trick: use a high quality USB, because with one of my cheap USB the mouse was not working. Now there are a lot of intesresting files. I have quickly see that there are some init files for options. It would be interesting to enumerate the possibilities and interesting option files. There are some open questions. Here a few ones: - If we modify those files with notepad in windows 10, does the PK7 will read them? - Is there si a way to make a complete backup (in case of deep failure)? Waht should be the size? - How to remove or chnge the graphical shader (commonly super eagle)? - How to force neogeo games to be in MVS or AES (to acces to some interesting options)? - How to add our own game (e.g. Golden axe II)? - Is it possible to add additional cores? I think that this thread should be discussed in a new subject of this forum specific to this pandora key 7 system....
  15. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    Thank you! A last question: is the little bouton the one of your previous picture? Because, currently, I have located a similar button (mine is close to the fan), but when I press it and hold it, with the USB drive connected to the PK with the image, the pandora key always start with the classical android recovery menu (see my previous picture). Is there is another button? Is there is a special way to press the boutton? Thank you again for your help!