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  1. Sorry. link UPDATED: [Hidden Content] Cheers!
  2. Incredible work. Many very thanks! UPDATE: On my 4k TV, I´ve need to change on 16/9.bat the following -fullscreen_window for -fullscreen. Now Works fine!!!.
  3. Here you have it: [Hidden Content]
  4. one question, as the mouse aim Works better with 3D Island, (normal lets go island I get to aim Works centered with GLoader) which are the key to change 3D to 2D?
  5. [Tuto] House of the Dead 4: Alternative install

    Will try again later. Thank again Edited: @linglang Executed first time with last TP and last GLoader...works!!...but cannot aim, ESC, check if USeMouse is checked on TP, is already on, Exit TP, nothing changed, start again Game Loader...Not work anymore, mouse not detected. Its a completly nighmare. Finally decide to pass this game. Thanks anyway.
  6. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r777

    R you playing with mouse? Lol!!!
  7. You are trying to robber the coins😂😂😂😂 Anyway, I dont now. Try 3D version, less troubles.
  8. [Tuto] House of the Dead 4: Alternative install

    First I want to give u my thanks and your disposal to ever help @linglang Yes, In Demulshooter works fine the mouse test, and selected xinput. Tested on TP 1.82 Xmas edition and Demulshooter 8.5.2 and game loader 334. All my options are the same as the pics. and TP options same as the YouTube video. ...completly lost. Thanks anyway