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  1. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    MediaFire Mirror links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  2. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Yes, Tokyo runs fine @soso92
  3. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Gaelco 3 pack games mirror link: LINK
  4. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Yes , there is a res Patch at frontpage. Game Will work, the menus are small on screen
  5. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Same here ans only Works fine windowed, full screen exits
  6. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Rambo is public right now. Teknoparrot says that
  7. In ZeroLauncher or TP?
  8. Thanks @mamefan2016 I have working IDZ with ZeroLauncher but I Will give it a try with TP. EDIT: Trying TP: Stops after some args:
  9. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Ok, understood, public TP, no public dump.
  10. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    long long time ago...
  11. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    gsevo\disk1\vsg_l\vsg For IDZ Im using ZEROLAUNCHER. SEnt a PM
  12. I have a 8114 error with ZeroLauncher, did u tried and it works? Thanks! Edit: finally got working but no right Keys to start, discovering...
  13. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    New core published and no news from Storm Racer G. If any has been able to work IDZ on TP, please guide US!!
  14. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Opened Sega RindEdge, RingEdge2 and RingWide to Public. I´m only interested into Storm Racer G and waiting dump... List: RingedgeAir Burst: Border BreakBorder BreakInitial D Arcade 6 AA ExportInitial D Arcade 7 AA ExportInitial D7 AA XInitial D8 AA XLets Go Island 3DMJ5MJ5 EvolutionProject Diva ArcadePuyo Puyo QuestSengoku WarShining Force CrossShinning Force Cross ElysionShinning Force Cross EXlesiaShining Force Cross RaidStar BoatStar Boat ProgressStar Horse 3: Season 1Star Horse 3: Season 2Star Horse 3: Season 3Virtua Tennis 4World Club Champions Football 2010-2011World Club Champions Football 2011-20112World Club Champions Football 2012-2013World Club Champions Football 2013-2014RingwideChaos CodeGacchu GutsDream RaidersGettenka War HistoryKO DriveLets Go IslandLilpri Yubipuru Hime Chen!Lilpri Yubipuru Hime Chen! 2Lilpri Yubipuru Hime Chen! 3Medaru no GunmanMelty Blood Actress Again Current CodeOperation GHOSTPengoSangokushi Taisen HA / Samurai Wars / Warring StatesSega and Sonic All-Stars RacingSega Golden GunSega Racing ClassicSuper Monkey BallTetris The Grand Master 4: The Masters of RoundRingedge 2Blade ArcusCaladrius ACCode of JokerDead of Alive 5: Ultimate ArcadeDengeki Bunko Fighting ClimaxGame Center Love Plus PengoGuilty Gear Xrd - RevelatorGuilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus RKoihime EnbuMaimaiMaimai GreeNMaimai GreeN PlusMaimai OrangeMaimai Orange PlusMaimai PinkMaimai Pink PlusMelty Blood Actress AgainPhantom Breaker Another CodeSega Card GEN-MLB 2013Storm Racer GThe World of Three KingdomsTransformers: Human AllianceUnder Defeat HD+Under Night In-BirthUnder Night In-Birth Exe: LateWorld Club Champion Football 2016-2017
  15. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    In my honest opinion, too early to appear in TP.Others are older and pending: Harley, primal, Hummer, etc...