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  1. Mohkerz Loaderz v0.5.2

    That didn't do anything, oh well.
  2. Mohkerz Loaderz v0.5.2

    Ah, I'll try that.
  3. Mohkerz Loaderz v0.5.2

    1. B is the handbrake and it works flawlessly. 2. Tried using x360ce. It doesn't do anything it seems, or maybe I'm doing it wrong (tried starting SR3 through x360ce and closing x360ce then starting SR3). The program maps the buttons correctly at least. 3. Just want that option to change the view. Don't really want to lose out on analog gas/break. I've now tried with three different Xbox One controllers and the same result so there's nothing wrong with the pads. I've tried editing the Segarally3.cpp and changed the button for the camera to a button that registers like the hand brake (B) but that doesn't work either, then again I'm not sure that alone would make a difference.
  4. Mohkerz Loaderz v0.5.2

    xinputtest.exe acts wierd. In game everything except for the change view button works as it should but xinputtest.exe displays a B press as X and alla the face buttons have switched places, analogue triggers is right stick and so on. The only buttons that actually seem to register right is the left stick, d-pad and R/L shoulder buttons. But in-game Sega Rally 3 works great except that I can't change the view. I have a Mayflash Ultimate Adapter so I'll try that to emulate a 360 controller. Edit: That didn't work, same problem as before. Everything except for the change view button works flawlessly. Oh, and I just noticed that apparently the change gears buttons doesn't work either (not a problem as I use automatic). Is there a way to map the change view button to a keyboard button through the config file?
  5. Mohkerz Loaderz v0.5.2

    Exactly! I've tried with two different Xbox One controllers and a Switch Pro controller (that one didn't work at all). Also, is there a way to activate the rear view mirror and change the difficulty?
  6. Mohkerz Loaderz v0.5.2

    I'm using a Xbox One controller and I can't change the view in Sega Rally 3. I've tried to remap it to other buttons but it still won't work. Everything else works perfectly. Any ideas?