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  1. Hey mate, interesting - I too was planning to use the Wiimote/Touchmote combo to play gun games to emulate mouse and keyboard. I will keep the 0.177 version handy then.
  2. Thanks for the update mate.
  3. I fully understand what you're saying. For me, I can forgive slight graphical faults but if the sound isn't working along with movement mechanics and gameplay, then generally a game is not worth playing.
  4. Although I am not a huge fan of how TP has been travelling with all the Patreon-only content, I must be fair and say sound issues with Rambo is probably not going to be fixable by the TP team and needs to have third-party intervention from the wide community especially sound emulation experts. The game is not worth playing without the sound effects, in my opinion.
  5. The Sinden Lightgun

    Hey bud, what I said are of course unconfirmed and speculated information without a full release but forums, videos and online sources note this. I think we need to also accept that this is a project-made-to-order item so we shouldn't compare it to the likes of the Namco and Mad Katz accessories as it will never measure up to it. I just think there's more negatives than positives at the moment but of course this can all change once the gun is officially released.
  6. Thanks mate. To be honest and in TP's defense, I don't think these sound issues can be fixed.
  7. Yes, please confirm as I'm thinking of support the project via Patreon for these games and the inclusion of Terminator Salvation.
  8. Thanks for the update, but sound bugs are problems...especially Rambo had no sound effects which in my opinion, renders it unplayable.
  9. Can anyone confirm if Rambo & Too Spicy is now fully working with latest updates?
  10. The Sinden Lightgun

    Totally agree...plus it's not wireless and requires a lot of software and hardware tweaks to work and there's no guarantees it will work with all games and hardware either.
  11. The Sinden Lightgun

    I experience not lag whatsoever with the Wiimote as an external gun with the Mayflash Dolphin Bar. I don't like the idea where there's a lot of non-standard tweaking involved with software and hardware to get this new gun to work plus the white border is such a killer in my opinion and also it has to be in a fairly well lit room or the lens won't detect the white border and will not work which is another negative part about it. But it's still early days so let's give it a chance.
  12. Not that I know of, but you can just play the Japanese version and use the English patcher. It converts about 70% of text over to English. It's very good.
  13. [Tuto] Operation G.H.O.S.T. : Info and use

    Try updating your video card drivers and running as Administrator. Also, you can run the game on its own or with other loaders. TP doesn't do a good job with this game so I never ran it in TP.
  14. Try unchecking Xinput run the game then exit TP and then reconfigure with it checked and launch again. This worked on some other games for me. Worth trying.
  15. Thanks buddy. Like most, I don't follow Teknoparrot's Github so looks like it's gone public without the title change in the app so thanks for letting everybody know. I wonder if any of the other Patreon only games will soon work too.