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  1. Good stuff buddy. Thanks again for contributing to our community.
  2. Thanks for doing this bro. You are making a contribution. Please make sure you add a gofundme page so we can donate.
  3. Thanks for the sharing, but can you please provide details on how to isntall?
  4. The Sinden Lightgun

    Forget about the Linden Light Gun which is just terrible. The good news is we now have a lot of options.
  5. Sdeamon.exe is a Linux executable (I could be wrong) so unless it can be emulated and cracked, it won't load in a x86 environment so I have no idea what he was on about but it is not possible.
  6. Go back to 1.87 as mentioned above and it will work.
  7. For those that are having issues with the older games crashing, I suggest you choose v1.87 which is the most stable release in my opinion. Second, is version which ran all my gun games fine. I have not tested it on the latest build so am just throwing this out there for those having issues to try.
  8. Try running it from the root of C drive. Some have seen this works.
  9. Run the game as Administrator.
  10. Which ones are you after. Be specific as not all of them work.
  11. Guess, you got my drift! LOL
  12. I second this. After all, the Patreon income is for research and beta testing only, is it not?
  13. Hey buddy, it's OK, no rush. At least you're contributing not like many others when there's all talk and little action. Just set up the Gofundme when you are ready and we will support you.
  14. I suggest you set up a gofundme. We only need about 10 people to download $5 and you'll be off on your way. Honestly, for $5 I trust you will do the right thing! Just do it buddy.
  15. Let's make this happen. I say $5 each on Gofundme budget $150 ought to do it!