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  1. Sounds like you downloaded some other stuff and it's giving you issues. This game doesn't require or ask for any serials! Look at your recently installed software and uninstall whatever you just installed.
  2. If you're using any mounting software that Touchmote that plays around with Xinput/Directinput drivers - make sure you disable them. Otherwise, start with a new dump and go from the start to avoid any corrupted files.
  3. What are you using to launch? I suggest try Teknoparrot first - much easier and has a higher chance of success.
  4. Here are my files - try replacing with what you have: [Hidden Content]
  5. It's a false positive. Add the game as an exception.
  6. Try this... Make the inject.exe file as Run as Admin, right-click and run the start.bat file also as Admin - if it works fine...if not, close al the windows down and now...untick inject.exe as Run as Admin, and run the start.bat this time normally without Admin. Also, you sure you filled out the segatools.ini file correctly and running everything out of the root of your C drive + added the Appdata folder?
  7. The above suggests that your virtual server is working fine now. The second error you're getting is because of the inject.exe file - try what I did in steps 12-15 - make the inject.exe Run as Administrator - then do the same for the start.bat file...FIRST RUN ONLY...now, change the inject.exe back to not having Run as Administrator and this time run the start.bat as Administrator. Also, check your segatools.ini file to ensure everything is correctly mapped out.
  8. Thanks mate. Didn’t you have another design with two trucks in the frame too? I might have mistaken.
  9. Did you follow my guide in the Tutorial section? You need to modify the access rights of the inject.exe file - follows Steps 12-15 carefully and this problem will be fixed.
  10. For those with Patreon, has anyone had speed lag issues with Luigi's Mansion Arcade? If so, someone sent me this speed fix which would normalize and fix the game's speeds: [Hidden Content] Not sure if it works as I cannot run the game, but hopefully will be useful to those that have access.
  11. For those wanting an English patch or don't know how to edit config files, use this: [Hidden Content]
  12. It seems you are confusing the PC version of Tekken and this arcade one. The AppData folder (and I may be wrong) should be linked to the PC version only. Anyway, I've uploaded the folder you wanted so if hope it will help you. [Hidden Content]
  13. send me a PM and I will share alt link for you.