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  1. Hey everyone, I hope we all had a nice Christmas...I have haven't checked for a while so was wondering if there are any new games off-Patreon? Cheers, SKY
  2. Ha ha ha...changed buddy... Thanks for bringing this to my attention!
  3. I wonder what Santa Clause will bring from our friends Teknparrot this Christmas. A few working Patreon-only games, would be nice!
  4. I managed to download it with JDownloader and turning the size disk restriction off.
  5. [Arcade PC] Swarm (Global VR) [Not working]

    Looks amazing - I love railshooter gun games! Thanks so much for sharing, but how to run the Arcade version and which ISO file to use?
  6. Looks amazing...I'm keen to download it for a rainy day but it's almost 60GB, how to download with Mega restrictions? Please help.
  7. Any progress buddy...did you mention to get it to work?
  8. Go to the front page, but here are links: [Hidden Content] mega://enc2?wyRdOve0RcZHLPJg-L17qF5l3L0YJQqh7fGHqTQI61ywgbi0baQqgk1VYILI7sBdAzX8Qzt0DuTtlRZF_mCMiQ (Use MegaDownloader)
  9. Set up a custom graphic profile in your GPU?
  10. It's all on the first front page.
  11. Make sure you're running the latest dump not an older one.
  12. Make sure you follow steps 10-14 carefully. Changing Read-Only properties is an imortant part.
  13. Ah I see...if that's the case, would it work with an infrared Dolphin Bar?
  14. If Jconfig supports it, copy the config files to the Binary directory and link with SWArcGame-Win64-Shipping.exe