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  1. Extracted Sega Chihiro ROMs

    Firstly thanks for the share. I think Virtua Cop 3 has been 80% emulated on PC by way of CXBX.
  2. Just go back to version 1.86 or 1.87 for now. The new version doesn't work with a lot of hardware from the look of things which should be fixed in newer versions.
  3. [Request] Badlands (re-encode) Daphne Emu

    Oh ok then you might want to play on the MAME version? Sorry cannot help any further.
  4. [PC] Arcade Games Recommendations

    Thanks buddy...yeah I have this list and already have most of the games (especially for the Arcade). That's a new one, I must agree I think the 3DO is so unappreciated. Lots of the games were revolutionary. Which was your favourite?
  5. Yeah I agree with you, the game is quite demanding so it will take time but I'm just happy that it's getting a public release soon.
  6. [Request] Badlands (re-encode) Daphne Emu

    We cannot really upload an external link but I suggest you head up to the Daphne Emu site and talk to others in the same boat? [Hidden Content] (hint Pleasure dome is your friend).
  7. Sega Tri-force game emulations

    Hey pal, we appreciate your sharing very much so please don't misunderstand, but your games have .gcm file extensions which are used for Nintendo Gamecube games which certainly can be played on the Dolphin emulator as it run both Nintendo Gamecube and Wii games, see here: [Hidden Content] However, the Sega Tri-force arcade board was a joint project between Sega, Nintendo and Namco whereby all three would contributing to making the games, it would run on Sega's hardware and Namco would be actively involved in the design and development hence the name. These "Tri-force" games were then ported to the Nintendo Gamecube (most of them not all) so although they may be known as Tri-Force games which they are, they are not arcade dumps but Nintendo Gamecube roms which is probably what you have. Thanks all the same.
  8. Try replacing these files into your GameData section and run as Admin and Windows XP SP2 compatibility. GameData.zip
  9. MAME & clones 0.208

    Hi guys, so I'm trying to obtain the latest MAME romset and was able to sign up to Pleasuredome but upon clicking on the torrent it brings up a whole list of every single console ever with no mention of MAME anywhere and the whole thing comes to around 60gb? Am I missing something how to get the latest v0.28 romset please help?
  10. Go back to v0.98 and it should solve most of your issues for now. No news of Let's go safari yet as no cracked dump exists as far as I can tell.
  11. To add a new game click on Add game and then to go back to the list click on the back button on the top left corner. If you're having issues with the latest version try going back to Teknoparrot v0.98 which seems to be the most stable version that plays most games best so far.
  12. Sega Tri-force game emulations

    Thanks pal...but these are Gamecube games.
  13. Man, I have been hanging out for the Transformers game for months! The game files have been sitting in an external HDD collecting dust so this is welcoming news! I mean to me personally, the railshooter arcade games & arcade racing games are what's it all about really as nearly everything else gets ported to the consoles where emulators or the real hardware can play!