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  1. [Pc] Crimzon Clover (Shmup) [Doujin]

    Works.... Now same issue on Ghost Blade HD... Damn it
  2. [Pc] Crimzon Clover (Shmup) [Doujin]

    Hey thanx mate. Is there a seperat loader needed or does it works per exe Ty
  3. [Pc] Crimzon Clover (Shmup) [Doujin]

    Hi guys I have a strange issue with this great shmup. I am using an early win 10 64 but version. After finishing the game a loading screen appears.... Than black screen than ctd with the info that Tha game do not run correct. Anybody know the or maybe got a solution? Is there a other working version out? I am playing the steam version.
  4. Unholy Night Snes Rom Dumped

    Got the Rom but game do not work neither znes nor snesx aso
  5. Street Fighter One (Fight 2D).

    Thanks mate 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻☺️
  6. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.225) | Arcade PC

    Yeah that's such a awesome sick game. Watched a review 👍🏻👌🏻
  7. Perfect site for mugen games

    Thats great. Thanx for sharing.... Need so much 😂
  8. That's why I have built me a tripple OS arcade PC. Win 7 64 bit win 10 64 but clean 1st edition and win 10 64 bit latest edition. I install the games where they run but it ain't comfortable cause I have to switch the OS regarding the games I wanna play but the best solution so far for me
  9. That's true but I only can get akai katana shin running on my custom old win 10 setup without updated dx and framework runtime versions. On the current win 10 with all updates I can't get it running... Just for information.
  10. [PC] Racing Recommendations

    This game so so awesome and the music is wonderful too. Very hard to master but physics so real. Enjoy..... Descenders Just Google for Descenders Red Bull. There are some great tips of getting into the game. Easy to start but hard to master. This game is tough as F... K. Here is the OST.
  11. Just go before starting the game manual in the shell folder. Than make your changes and exit test menue. Run the game and you will see the changed settings. Or for an alternative option you can also make your changes in the ini, s. Edit The only thing which do not work is to set the game from mp/h to kp/h. I tried everything for days..
  12. The Ghost Blade Dreamcast Iso ?

    Need help. Installed it on Win 7 64 bit. Runs great but after a view minutes it freezes alle the time... Does anybody have some help???
  13. The Ghost Blade Dreamcast Iso ?

    Got it... Great game especially the Tate option 👌🏻👍🏻
  14. Street Fighter One (Fight 2D).

    Re-upload please
  15. Mercenary Kings (Metal Slug-Like)

    Cleared... 48 hours... But not every weapon bought. Great game and a biggest recommendation to all run n gun fans. Some nasty as fuck bosses but with some knowledge no problem at all.