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  1. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    You're welcome For adding games 2d, you have to create a directory named "2d" and an another named "roms", into you can put your games 2d, neogeo, mame, fba to (zip) format. I didn't found how changing the settings in the file : retroarch.cfg from directory /data/media/0/Android/data/com.retroarch/files/ into this file you can see on line 801 where put the cores and line 365 where is the filter "SuperEagles.filt" No I have not seen an internet link with more details about the PK7 modification? No I do not find how to add more options, like you I'm looking for how to do it.
  2. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    There are some open questions. Here a few ones: - If we modify those files with notepad in windows 10, does the PK7 will read them? To modify, I suggest (Notpad++)==> Notepad++ - Is there si a way to make a complete backup (in case of deep failure)? Waht should be the size? With TWRP you can make a backup, but it is not complete, there is no games, just the system - How to remove or change the graphical shader (commonly super eagle)? You have to find the directory and modify the settings - How to force neogeo games to be in MVS or AES (to acces to some interesting options)? Sorry! I don't know - How to add our own game (e.g. Golden axe II)? You can add your games from usb or sdcard, it is more simple. - Is it possible to add additional cores? Yes, but I don't tryed
  3. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    I confirm, it is not compatible.
  4. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    Yes, near the fan. Use the USB port, this one below ===> You have to use the TWRP version 3.0.2 here ===> TWRP for S912 and new version ==> 3.2.3 ==> TWRP 3.2.3 I just realized that the first link does not work, sorry
  5. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    Hello, In fact the (twrp_3.2.1-0_mojo.img) must be rename to (recovery.img) and copied on usb key (formated Fat32). After you have to connect a HUB with USB key and a mouse. You have to hold the little button on the card and turn on the pandora. The first screen is for select the language, and after you can click on "Advanced" and "File manager", you can now explore the system.
  6. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    Hello, Thanks for this trick ! I've used mouse with an usb hub, it works fine ! You can format an USB key in Fat32 and copy/paste the img file of TWRP ==>TWRP S912 With this process, you can explore all files, example : you can change the backgrounds etc... But be careful, especially do not format the Nand, because for rewrite on, it is not possible, the nand is protected. [Hidden Content]
  7. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    Hi OOKAMI, yes I confirm it is your link, I'm very sorry, I forgotten to mention it !
  8. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    Hi, The pandora key 7 has an android system with Retroarch, I think that backup is not compatible, but you can try it. Below the link for the backup Pandrora Key 7 and RetroPan for pandora 6 et 6s [Hidden Content] Video Have a nice day
  9. [Misc] Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Console 1300 in 1

    Hello all, I have pandora's key 7 (2177 games), I would like to access the system to edit roms and wallpapers. Looking a little how the box works, I found a hidden menu. But I do not know how to enter in these settings. Joysticks do not work to move, maybe you need to connect a specific controller or keyboard. I give you the method to have the secret menu: turn off the box, hold the button in photo and turn on the box and wait to see the page. If anyone has an idea to make a dump and move around the menus, please let them know. Best Regards