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  1. @youheiFor Pop'n Music 15 to 19, you can use e-Amuemu. For newer games, you'll need an online private server.
  2. @kaze892I did try changing the samplerate but I just couldn't get it to work. However, I don't use the onboard sound chip but a PCI sound card so that might be what's causing the issue in my case. Like I said, unless you have a perfect match to the original cabinet, you might run into problems.
  3. @aaalexssssYes, that's Command Prompt (or cmd). Trying to use PowerShell will give you the error you posted. I attached an older version of Spicetools. Give this one a try. Some time ago, the compatibility with Guitar Freaks & Drummania XG3 broke on the (back then) newest release. Perhaps the same happened this time. I doubt it though, but you can still give it a try. spice.rar
  4. @aaalexssssSorry it didn't work. If I come up with of another possible solution, I'll let you know. Regarding PowerShell, you mustn't use it to run these games. You have to run them through Command Prompt.
  5. @aaalexssssI'm not quite sure what the origin of the problem is but I'd start with the following: - You need to add -ea at the end of the command, unless you are connected to a network. This didn't cause the problem you're having but, should you solve it, you'll run into an error when the game starts. - Try moving the M39-2015081900 folder into a shorter path, for example: C:\Games\M39-2015081900. Also make sure the folder is not read-only since the game has to write into this folder. If you are using an anti-virus or something like that, you can try disabling it for 5 minutes while you try to get the game running. - Try not to use audio devices other than the internal audio chip. Bemani games have problems with non-standard audio sources, such as Bluetooth, HDMI, external audio cards, etc. If you don't have speakers to connect to you PC, try plugging headphones in the audio out connector (the green one) at the back of the PC. At the moment, that's all I can think of. Give those tips a try and see if, at least, the last bunch of lines in the log are different. @mdm508Each upload, as you said, have lots of rar files in them. This is called a "split archive". The purpose of splitting is to make it possible to download for people without premium Mega accounts. Mega (and most file hosting sites) only let you download a certain ammount of GBs per day for free (I think Mega is about 2GB). Instead of uploading the game into one 15GB file (in which case, you'd have to pay to download), the game is split into smaller 700MB so you can download a few parts every day for free. You need to have all the parts downloaded into the same folder and then open the first one with a program like WinRAR or 7Zip. These programs will recognize the split archive and show you the contents in full. You just need to extract them into some folder of your choice. Just make sure the folder and path where you extract to is not too long and is not read-only. Once you have extracted the files, they are ready to use. This is not an ISO or anything like that. There's no need to mount anything. After this, and depending on what game you downloaded, you'll need to get the "crack" or "loader" to get them to run, since you are not using the actual game cabinet. Where to download the crack/loader, is specified in the instructions on each game. For the older ones, it's a separate archive called "Crack", inside the same Mega folder where you got the split archives. For newer games, you have to download a tool called "Spicetools" and the link to get the latest version is shown in the instructions. How to run each crack/loader is also explained in the instructions. Regading the network adapters, the board in the original cabinets have a very specific hardware/OS combination and the games were programmed for that combination in particular, so many things can go wrong when trying to run them in a run of the mill PC. One of the most common issues is having two or more network adaptes on a PC, for example, ethernet and wireless adapters (for wired and WiFi connections). When this happens, the game crashes during the boot sequence. If this happens, you have to disable network adapters until only one remains. You can enable them again after you finish playing the game, but during gameplay, you must have only one enabled.
  6. @aaalexssssI can confirm that all games from 15 to 22 work fine (24/25 seem to work as well but I haven't tried them myself). When you run Spicetools, it always creates a file called log.txt in the same directory where spice.exe/spice64.exe is. Attach that file in a message so I can take a look.
  7. @kaze892Yes, hardware and OS play a big part on campatibility issues. The cabinets use a specifc combination of hardware and OS and the game is coded for that combination. When you try to run the game on something different than the cabinet has, you might or might not run into some issues. The timming issues are very common and, judging from users posts, most of the time is because they run the game on laptops. I don't have one myself so I couldn't try it.
  8. @T_imidThe problem you're having with Spicetools happens because you are using PowerShell. You need to run Command Prompt. You can check this article on how to achieve that in windows 10 (which I assume is what you're using)
  9. @kaze892What you said is not entirely correct. I use Windows 8.1 along with an Nvidia GPU and Intel CPU and I don't have any kind of issues on any game, from V4 to Exchain (except for the sound crackling in the XG series) Any issues from not having an AMD GPU, are related to some problem that PC has. While I have not tried 7, Vista or 10, I did try these games on XP, 8 and 8.1 with different Intel CPUs and Nvidia GPUs and never got visual or timming related problems. Since you say you couldn't get V4 to V7 to boot, it seems to me the problem is related to your hardware.
  10. @kaze892Glad you got it to work. I didn't mention anything about disabling extra network adapters because it's already mentioned in the instructions, so I assumed you'd already done that. As for the sound crackling, it's very common in the XG series. In fact, yours is the first case I know of someone not having sound issues in XG. If I ever decide to try windows 10 again, I'll give the XG games a try and see if it works for me. @valter @Max PandaIt's been almost a year since your posts but, if you are still interested in XG2, a new crack and instructions have been uploaded. The new crack uses Gitadoratools and the guitar part works fine now (it didn't work with the previous crack, a modded version of Bemanitools 4)
  11. @kaze892I have e-Amusement set to OFF and DHCP set to NOT USE. If you can't solve the issue by changing the settings in the Network Options, there might be a problem with you network settings in Windows. At that point, I'd suggest asking for help on a PC support forum such as "Tom's Hardware" or "My Digital Life". Of course, the help you should ask about in those places is not about the game but about your network configuration. You can cite the issue you have with the game but you must make clear the question you are posting is about possible problems related to you Windows network settings.
  12. @kaze892One thing that cought my attention in the second picture is that both machines are able to see the other's IP but they show themselves as having no IP. Check the "MYSELF" entry. Both machines show In order for a local network to work, all connected PCs must be in the same range. Here, for some reason, they are on different ranges. Or at least, that's how the game is reacting to your configuration. Check this screenshot from my PC: [Hidden Content] Although I don't have 2 PCs connected, you can see that my own machine has an IP instead of I think your problem is related to your IP configuration. Are you using a router to connect both PCs or are you using a crossover cable (direct PC to PC conection)? In windows, can you access both PCs from the other? You can also try changing the Network Options in the game. Specifically, the entry called "DHCP". Change it to the opposite setting (if it's set to USE, change it to NOT USE)
  13. @kaze892I have never tried it myself but I asked around about it out of curiosity. I've been told that it should work out of the box with no special requirement other than the usual: both PCs must be on the same network. Could you upload those pictures somewhere else (like Mega) and post the links here instead? Sadly, Emuline resizes the images to a very small size (241x430 in these pictures you uploaded) and it's impossible to read anything. Another thing: I see you are trying to session XG3. Have you tried with a game from the V series?
  14. @reyuuThese game don't work well with alt+tab. If you need to switch windows while playing, play in windowed mode instead. However, keep in mind only Spicetools supports this (so, older games, like 15 or 16, can't be run in windowed mode with the launcher method they use). For the newer games, when you type the command to run Spicetools, add -w at the end. For example: spice -ea -w
  15. @Amadurim Another user here tried the PS2 drum with XG3 and, apparently, it worked fine for him. I think the most likely cause for the issue is the adapter you are using to connect the drum controller to the pc. Have you tried the drum with another game? V8 and XG1 use Gitadoratools. V4 to V7 use Bemanitools. XG3 uses Spicetools. Try a game that uses a different loader and see if the drum controller works better or not.