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  1. @bocohotSorry but I don't know what the problem could be, aside from what I've told you already. Like I said, it's been many years since I last used eamuemu and I don't quite remember how it works.
  2. @kge78682What are you using to start the game? The screenshot you uploaded is very small but, from what I can see, it seems you are trying to use Gitadoratools to start the game. Are you using Gitadoratools? Gitadoratools does indeed work for all the entries in the V series but you have to properly configure the files in the prop folder. The crack included in the links in this post use Bemanitools for V4, V5, V6 and V7. If you are using V8 crack with other versions, make sure you configure the files in prop. Otherwise, use Bemanitools (which are already included in the crack folder) Also, keep in mind to have only 1 network adapter enabled and use the internal audio chipset (don't use external sound cards, bluetooth devices or HDMI audio output) If you still have issues, try running the game as administrator.
  3. @bocohotI haven't used e-amuemu for a long time so I don't remember much now. It seems like you configured it properly so I don't know what else to tell you. I guess the last advice I can give at this point is: 1- Try typing back in the Broadcast Adress textbox like you did the first time but leave the Server Address textbox empty (where you typed eamuse.konami.fun, last time) 2- You ran e-amuemu and iccemu as administrator, right? Because if you don't, the programs won't work (unless you are on Windows XP) 3- The port loopback you are using in Com0Com, did you create them or they were already there after you install the program? I might be wrong because it's been a long time but, the default port loopback on Com0Com didn't work for me. I had to create a new one by clicking the button "Add Pair" and configure that new pair as loopback between COM1 and some other port (like COM6, for example)
  4. @ScifoneDid you try the steps mentioned in the post, where it says " If you get a crash during the boot sequence, try the following steps"? A crash at that point in V4, V5 and V6 is usually because the video codecs are not installed or not configured properly.
  5. @bocohotDid you follow the tutorial in the link I gave you? For starters, did you free the port COM1 in Windows before setting eamuemu up? Did you edit the HOSTS file in the Windows to set services.eamuse.konami.fun as localhost? Also, the tutorial has something wrong: in eamuemu, you need to type in the third textbox, not the fourth. That is, where you typed eamuse.konami.fun, you should type The last textbox (Broadcast Address) should be left empty. The last thing would be to set the correct port in iccaemu. You need to choose the other port you set in Com0Com. In the picture you uploaded, you created a loopback between COM1 and COM3. You'd need to setup COM3 in iccaemu. Of course, COM3 must not be in use by Windows. If it is, you need to choose another port.
  6. @bocohotI don't know where you downloaded eamuemu from but the one in the following link has a small tutorial to get it running: [Hidden Content] By the way, you don't need EA Local Server to use eamuemu.
  7. @bocohotAre you using the .bat files or running the command line manually? The .bat files should run any game without problem. If you are running the command line manually, pay attention to the command: gdv6 -d If you don't add -d (for Drum), it won't run.
  8. @boc473953I you want a guitar controller, the best option is a PS2 Guitar Hero controller and then connecting it via a PS2 to USB adapter. Another option coming soon is the DJDao "Gitaller" controller (link). It's not available yet but will be in the near future. @ygmtestAs far as I remember, I have never encountered that kind of issue but you can try the following: delete the CONF folder in the E: drive, and the CACHE and TMP folders in the F: drive. After that, try running the game again.
  9. @LorokThe latest version of Spicetools (20/04/26) has an issue with XG3. I have attached an older version that works fine. Use this version for now. XG3Spice.rar @boc473953If the game crashes during Network checkup and you are running the game as administrator, you need to check if you have more than 1 network adapter on your system. Follow the instructions I gave to the user meshariq8i about disabling extra network adapters.
  10. @boc473953 I think the "NVIDIA High Definition Audio" is HDMI. How do you output audio in your pc? Are you using a HDMI cable to output audio and video to a TV or monitor? If you are, then that's the problem. You need to output audio using the internal chipset of the motherboard. Take a look at this picture. You need to output the audio by using the green connector from the area number 10.
  11. @meshariq8iGlad you could fix the issue. @boc473953Did you run the game as administrator like I told you? If you did and you still have problems, check the answer I gave to user meshariq8i in my previous post. In the case of the sound error in V7, that usually happens when your audio device is unsupported in the game. Examples of unsupported devices include: external audio cards, bluetooth audio devices, HDMI output. If you have any devices other than the internal audio chipset set for audio output, try switching to that.
  12. @boc473953Getting these games to run under Windows 10 is a bit tricky. Have you tried running the .bat file as administrator? (judging from the screenshot you uploaded, you were running the file "start_gf_window.bat") @meshariq8iHow many enabled network adapters do you have? For these games to run properly, you need to have only one. Usually, when you only have one, the game will run without the need to run it as admin, however, there are cases (like mine) where even with only one network adapter, you still have to run it as admin. If you have more than one, you will need to disable them. For instance, a few weeks ago, I installed Oracle's Virtual Box and it installed it's virtual network adapter (for interconectivity between the host and guest OS). I had to disable that network adapter because the game would crash just like you describe. To view the devices in your system, press Windows Key + R and type devmgmt.msc (on Windows 8.1 and 10, you can also right click the Windows icon and select Device Manager from there) Expand the option "Network Adapters" and see how many are there. If there's more than one, disable all but one.
  13. @TDSlayersYou have to set a button for Test in the configuration tool. Inside the bin folder, you should have 2 files called "config dm" and "config gf". Run the one for the game you want, choose your device in the ComboBox on the top left, select a key or button from the selected device in the list under the ComboBox and then choose Test on the list on the right. After that, run the game and when you get to the screen you posted, press the key or button you set for Test.
  14. @ygmteste-amuemu has been discontinued many years ago (around the release of XG2). There's no newer version than the current one, which only supports up to V7/XG. Also, as far as I know, there's no private server that supports it either (neither they support XG and XG3)
  15. @TDSlayersYou have to enter Test Mode and disable E-Amusement.