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  1. First of all, thanks djegghead for figuring out and sharing what was wrong with the crack. It's strange that removing that file allows the game to start. The file full name is "IP Helper API" so I wonder if you might get an error if you try to use network related features of the game... Also, thanks gStAv for uploading the crack. I was busy these past days and forgot to come back and report my findings. Also thanks for sharing the HDD as well. And yes, Phase Max should unlock everything although it seems not to be the case for Pop'n 20. My guess is some extra songs were available through e-amusement only, either because they were downloadable and that rip is older or because they were e-amusement exclusive (and even though they are inside the rip, you can't access them offline). On a different subject, gStAv, do you have any version of Guitar Freaks & Drummania other than V7? For some reason, they are extremely hard to come by. Other Bemani games can be somewhat easily found but this game is near impossible.
  2. Could you share the crack from the working version you are using?
  3. I didn't do anything specific for the controls. I just ran the loader and the controls were already set. But there's a file named Jconfig.exe inside the game folder so I assume that's what the game is using.
  4. Thanks. Also, I want to add that I had to enter the test menu with F1 and disable e-amusement to be able to start the game.
  5. How do you get it to run? I unrar the game, install the loader with Game Loader Installer.exe, type Agree in TTX.ini and then run Game Loader All RH.exe. After doing all that I always get this gl0.dat error: Error: failed attempt to launch program or document Could you explain what needs to be done to start the game, step by step? I don't understand how Game Loader All RH works.
  6. I finally figured out how to use a controller. If you run the launcher as admin, you need to run joy2key as admin as well.
  7. [Arcade PC] Nostalgia FORTE

    Thanks! I thought it would take me months of waiting to find this one. Now I can finally finish the story mode and see what happens with the cat and the girl.
  8. Could someone explain how to use those .img files? I downloaded Chase HQ 2 but it's a img file and I don't know what to do with it. I tried opening it in Power ISO but it tells me the file can't be mounted.