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  1. To be honest, I never played nor liked BlazBlue storymode, and for some reason, in all iterations that are ported to Steam, "anime" parts are choppy, even though they work perfectly fine when played in Media Player (and even though the game runs smoothly during the battle). Besides, the latest version doesn't allow setting keys for both players on keyboard and there's also a problem with VJoy. Not to mention the size. :D
  2. Thank you, WildWolf! I hope this version is much better than the Steam one.
  3. Yeah, controls for Player 2 are quite messy.
  4. Primal Rage 2 Working MAME CHD

    Has anyone figured out finishing moves yet?
  5. And I'm waiting for Chaos Code 2.01 to be fixed/re-dumped... or released on Steam, but that seems unlikely to happen. :/
  6. Thank you, it works! It would be cool if the offline icon could be removed as well.
  7. Not a question, but an answer - I played the game with 300109.key and I didn't have any problems, except that I can't save Test mode settings.
  8. What's the game key? edit: Never mind, it works with most of the keys, yet it seems that it can't save Test mode settings.
  9. Thanks for BB CF! (Still hoping for the working latest version of Chaos Code.)
  10. Oriental Legend 2 PGM2 MAME Hack (WIP)

    No, I'm pretty sure it was the original version.
  11. Oriental Legend 2 PGM2 MAME Hack (WIP)

    Has anyone managed to finish Oriental Legend 2? When I played it the other day, my character got stuck at the beginning of stage 3 (or was it 4?). I could perform all the moves, but I couldn't move forward, as if there was an invisible barrier.
  12. Has anyone managed to run/hack 2.01.02 version of Chaos Code - New Sign of Catastrophe? Or is it still unplayable?
  13. Oriental Legend 2 PGM2 MAME Hack (WIP)

    Alt+Enter is the first thing I tried, but for some reason, it doesn't work. In normal versions of MAME, I don't have that problem. :/
  14. Oriental Legend 2 PGM2 MAME Hack (WIP)

    Thank you! But, is it possible to run the games in fullscreen?