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  1. Help. After applying MDX-2021031600 on top of my MDX-2021080400, I got the overlapping blue lines issue on my thumbnails...
  2. Can anyone confirm this if it is also happening on their end: Apparently, there are 3 Japanese Songs on MDX-2021080400 that has no Audio and Stepchart. It just exits the songs with a D rating...
  3. [Arcade PC] ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Ver.

    Have had problems running new emulators and new games on Windows 7. That's why I moved to Windows 8, then eventually Windows 10 in the end to save me a lot of headache. Even my GTX 760Ti and GTX 860M can run Teknoparrot and Virtua Fighter V eSports (2021) having lag as its main issue. NOTE: RTX 3060 solved my lag issue on my newest rig.
  4. [Arcade PC] GITADORA (Konami)

    asphyxia core. Warning No Plugins Installed Update: I was able to get the plugins on their github.
  5. [Arcade PC] ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Ver.

    Have just tested Virtua Fighter 5 eSports on TP. The game lags during the actual gameplay. It's the same with the unreleased jconfig video showcase.
  6. Yes. Have done it previously when I was still using 2019090300 + 1.3.0 P.U.S.S.I.E. Update Pack. That's why I was even surprised to have that issue. Anyways, installing the codec was just fast as the file is quite small.
  7. Yes. m2v videos from your 1.3.0 update pack. Issue has been resolved. I have reinstalled my K-lite Codec Mega Pack. I remembered wayback in 2000 when I had this same playback issue on Step Step Revolution. Pre-Stepmania era.
  8. Xsplit. I'm using that to record gameplays. you can even add your camera feed. As for the Background Video, I've noticed that each Blue and Gold BG file has a runtime of 50 seconds. The Gold video BG doesn't loop after 50 seconds for some reason on my prestine 2020020300. Unlike on 2019090300, where the Gold BG auto loops after 50 seconds in-game. Playback issue was resolved by reinstalling K-lite Mega Codec Pack. :D All good.
  9. 1. Each of your Update Pack from MEGA has those files /data/.../movie/background/. 2. I'll re-check. :D Thanks Topet. Totally, got fixated by the 1.2.0 import files.
  10. I have noticed 2 things on my 2020020300 (Cab Type 6 - Gold): . Gold BG hangs after a couple of seconds (source of gold BG is from DDR P.U.S.S.I.E. 1.3.0). I also tried my previous copy that doesn't hang on 2019090300. It also hangs. . Courses are not showing up no matter how many times I retry to create my proifle (deleting butterfly.sqlite)
  11. I've got the same error before where DDR launcher gets halted by the Access Violation Error and CTD. What I did: . download MDX-001-2020020300 prestine . download fresh copy of bemanitools . download Topet2k12001 new 1.3.1 Butterfly . download ddrhax from Twenzor's discord . download Twenzor's fix . extracted MDX-001-2020020300 to designated folder . copy and paste files from the /modules folder to /contents root . copied all necessary Butterfly files inside the /contents folder . extracted DDR-16 bemanitools, ddrhax, and Twenzor's fix inside the /contents folder . edited /prop/ea3-config.xml and changed the 00000000s on these lines: <pcbid __type="str">00010203040506070809</pcbid> <hardid __type="str">00010203040506070809</hardid> . right-click > properties on the /contents folder and unticked read-only . installed java 8 and made sure that I have java 8 sdk included on my win 10 library. Note: Java 11 SDK caused some minor error on Butterfly 1.3.1. . created card.txt . ran config.bat and assigned my card.txt . ran butterfly . ran gamestart-16.bat
  12. There are a couple of users here who have encountered the same issue in the past Including me. A couple of anti-virus programs blocks the processes of Butterfly, Spice Tools, and ddr-16.bat even if you have white-listed them on your anti-virus programs. Issues that arises are: . Couldn't save the settings done on the Configuration Mode . eAmusement screen gets stuck / crash to desktop . eAmusement Card fails to be recognized . eAmusement Card progress can't be saved Solution: . Disable anti-virus program when running the following processes: Butterfly, Spice Tools, and ddr-16.bat. . Change to a better anti-virus program that supports Gaming Mode. I am using Symantec Endpoint Protection since 2013. Using the said anti-virus program, I am able to play all of my Games without having to worry that my anti-virus will block its processes and performance.
  13. U:G:A was for DDR A. The fix can still be used on A20. You can use whatever version that runs on your end. Be it U:J:A or U:K:A.
  14. If you have set A:A:A to U:G:A and all of your Jacket Images became white... You can fix this by following the step below: Thumb filenames located at "data\arc\thumbnail" must be changed from "jacket_thumbnails_ja_*num*.arc" to "jacket_thumbnails_ua_*num*.arc"
  15. "Do it all Night by E-rotic" was one of the most memorable DDR songs to me as this was the 1st song that I did a Freestyle Choreography for a DDR Tournament way back in 2000. Up to this day, I could still remember the whole choreography (including a few no bar handstands on the DDR Metal Pad).
  16. Do it all Night - E-rotic :D I was already sleepy last night when I made the comment.
  17. Crossing my fingers if you could include DDR 3rd Mix Songs (Luv to Me - Tiger Yamato, Dam Dariram - JOGA, Do it all Night - E-rotic) on your upcoming Update Packs.
  18. @One Eternal Ash @topet2k12001 @tw3nz0r and others that I haven't mentioned Thanks for doing a great work in releasing a standardized clean update. Especially adding back the 20 songs that were removed.
  19. You're welcome. It's better if we wait for the 20200706 before restoring the Extra Exclusive Songs on our current build. As ORCA and other songs will not be a valid entry anymore on the Extra Exclusive list when the update comes out.
  20. So far, ORCA was the only one that was revealed. Maybe they will add other songs as a surprise. That's what Konami did with the upgrade from DDR A to DDR A20. They have unlocked all unlockable songs including Extra Exclusive Songs.
  21. @One Eternal Ash It has been confirmed that some Extra Exclusive Songs (ORCA, etc.) on our current build 20200203 will be now added as a Normal Song on the DDR A20 PLUS (20200706) Update.
  22. Extra Exclusive Songs are already unlocked on our DDR A20 (Endymion, Orca). To be able to play the Extra Exclusive Stage, you have to do the following: . get a AA rating on Extra Stage Endymion can be found under DDR A Orca can be found under DDR A20