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  1. Thanks, it's nice to not have to disable the DVD drive everytime.
  2. Well, if you say it's not possible... I guess I have to trust you. EDIT: Okay, I looked into the JVS settings of the latest JConfig... and there is an entry 'Accel/Jump Far' with a slider. I put that all the way to the left, and now the floating seems to have stopped.
  3. Yes, the jumps can't be normal. Sometimes they seem to last forever. I also have to press the view button in the menus... but selecting a track or boat is difficult.. I can only really choose between the extreme left, extreme right or middle track.
  4. I have the same extremely high jumping boats, and I really doubt that it is normal.
  5. Brake + Nitro jump works for me, if I release gas and press brake. With TP I could keep the gas trigger pressed. That made it much easier. Controls for the menus are still too fiddly for me... I can't really choose the track or boat I want to choose. Other than that controls seem fixed except for the hyper slide move only working when going to the right (same as with TP).
  6. After some more testing I can say... The sensitivity is too high, which is also a problem in the menus (with TP I didn't have this problem). Jumping is quite a bit harder than using TP. Sometimes the boat seems to fly (the jump then is way to long). The timer behaves strange when steering... a completely different time is shown for a moment. The 'timing' seems different. I have better times with worse runs using JConfig. But, sound and graphics are great, almost perfect.
  7. Just start entering a pin code on the numpad. (You can then enter a name... next time you play enter the same pin code again.)
  8. Yes, sound is comming from both speakers. This is great! However, with this version I have some problems with the controls it seems.
  9. Me too. But with the 'fix' I get no crash after a Race on the Moscow track for example. Before I had a crash after EVERY race on any given track.
  10. Well, I was a bit premature. Fix is working partially for me. Moscow doesn't crash anymore. After finishing a race on the China track, the game still crashes everytime. Haven't tested all tracks yet.
  11. Thank you very much. This works like a charm on my Windows 10.
  12. Has someone found a fix for the CRC check problem with Superbikes 2? [Hidden Content] EDIT: Found the problem. It's not TP related. You can't have an rawart folder on your C drive at the same time.
  13. Now that you said it... YES (I had not played outrun 2 for some time).
  14. Thank you for looking at it! I'm sure it should work to the left, too. So no hope?