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  1. Thanks, got it working. I had the wrong ip adress in the ini... l took it from the windows settings and there it was saying 192.168.0.xxx/24 (only needed to get rid of the '/24'). Now I'll only need to find out how to use my wheel... Thank you guys for the tutorials and all the help!
  2. That's exactly what I get after following the guide. No idea what to do.
  3. Yes, 201 (or is the latest version. He's talking about the quite old version 1.93, because since that version Lindbergh Games work on Windows 7.
  4. You don't need to. You can click that link and then download just the game you want.
  5. Awesome work, thank you for reporting the missing inputs!
  6. Well, I'm almost there. Applying English patch went flawlessly. I could make everything work with the controller. Just it doesn't seem to work with my pedals (everything seems to be good, but I can't drift).
  7. I'll try tomorrow. Don't have the english patch applied so far... Thank you for your help and the jvs settings you use!
  8. Thanks, got it running in TP now. Would have liked to make it work with Jconfig, too... so that I could use the offline save file.
  9. Wow, this did help. Game starts now. However, using my controller or my wheel, acceleration/braking (and drifting) don't work in game. Don't know, what I'm doig wrong.
  10. Thanks. Doesn't work fo me, unfortunately. I give up for now.
  11. I'm getting a 'Could not find any compatible Direct3D devices' error, when I try starting the game with Jconfig. Any idea why?
  12. Thanks, I might wait then, as I have no experience with cpp files so far.
  13. That's awesome! However, I didn't manage to get there... how do you access the enter your pin screen?
  14. That's strange. So you click on update and nothing happens? I tried to reproduce this by changing some settings, but to no avail... so I guess I can't help you. Probably you have already tried with a fresh version of
  15. Yes, it does. Thanks! The encrypted link on the 1st page doesn't (MegaDownloader is giving me an error), and I guess that was the link gunnarloth was talking about.