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  1. Anything that I can do to help with the progress of Analog steering wheel guys playing in Arcade cabinets?
  2. I'm far from being a graphic artist but I'm putting together a driving cabinet for a friend of mine and would love to make one of the advertising signs contain his company logo. Is there a short tutorial on how to start this? Thanks!
  3. Daytona runs extremely slow, stutter on my WIn 7 64 core 2 6600 with HD7700 card. I assumed it was my card. Runs fine on my Win10 PC. Perhaps it is drivers?
  4. Cool! where will it be posted? Is there any ability to also port this to Sega Racing Classic? Looking forward to the release...
  5. Yes we all would love to get rid of the hardware restriction (I myself would like to be able to port normal analog inputs into the game exe and use it with my game cabinet). It sounds to me that the software you are running is not using the JAMMAUSB device? (only keyboard?) I wonder if a .dll is missing or maybe a setting is turned off to ignore the JAMMA USB? I found this for NASCAR, but no idea if it is complete or compatible.... [Hidden Content] Please keep us posted. I assume that some day a USB wizard will be able to re-map these inputs from the original hardware with something like UCR
  6. So I played with this software in a NFS GT arcade cabinet. I have the custom USB I/O board (Nytric board) and the I/O works 100%. I have the same issue as others with crashing due to bad registry (need to try the recent fix). If someone could configure Universal Control Remapper to recognize (and port the) inputs we may have a solution for analog inputs.
  7. All Need For Speed Arcade cabinets have an Immersion Force Feedback PCB that only feeds Wheel input into a USB HID input. The Gas / Brake pedals come in a Nytric USB board that takes in the 2 analog signals and several digital signals. It also supports digital out (lamp drivers). If you install a Nytric board in a windows PC it will show up as a USB HID Device. NFS uses this input stream for buttons, Gas Analog, Brake Analog & to turn on lights/card dispensers. I used USBlyzer and I could read the data stream. I'm not real familiar with HID or USB data streams but the DATA I saw was... 02 00 01 00 01 00 01 FF FF FF FF 00 00 00 01 28 I don't understand the first line at all but only the first byte would change a little. The second line first two bytes are the Gas analog input (10 bit?) The second line third & fourth bytes are the Brake analog input (10 bit?) The second line fifth Byte is Digital In B 01 = Music Button 02 = Look Back Button 04 = NOS 08 = not used? 10 = View Button 20 = E Brake 40 = Shift Up 80 = Shift Down The second line 6th Byte is Digital In A 01 = Shift Left? (6 speed shifter cabinet) 02 = Shift Right? (6 speed shifter cabinet) 04 = Card Dispense? 08 = Card Dispense Error? 10 = Start Button 20 = Operator Button I did not find the Coin Line 0 or $ Coin Line 1 inputs (will search again). The Third line both bits flittered about quiet a bit but I couldn't make any sense out of them (data checksum or something?) I know this USB device is also set up for outputs, there are 4 MOSFETs on the board, probably for the lamp drivers DOUTPWR0 = Start Lamp DOUTPWR1 = Lead Lamp DOUTPWR2 = Brake Lamp There are also some digital line outs DOUT0 = Card Dispense DOUT1 = Hold/Drop Card I don't know how to use USBlyzer to write to a port, but it would be simple to test these if I could. From KLOV posting..... Here is what I have found with USBlyzer: Connection Status Device connected Current Configuration 1 Speed Low (1.5 Mbit/s) Device Address 1 Number Of Open Pipes 1 Device Descriptor USB IO BOARD Offset Field Size Value Description 0 bLength 1 12h 1 bDescriptorType 1 01h Device 2 bcdUSB 2 0110h USB Spec 1.1 4 bDeviceClass 1 00h Class info in Ifc Descriptors 5 bDeviceSubClass 1 00h 6 bDeviceProtocol 1 00h 7 bMaxPacketSize0 1 08h 8 bytes 8 idVendor 2 0483h SGS Thomson Microelectronics 10 idProduct 2 0003h 12 bcdDevice 2 0401h 4.01 14 iManufacturer 1 03h "NYTRIC INC" 15 iProduct 1 01h "USB IO BOARD" 16 iSerialNumber 1 02h "ST1" 17 bNumConfigurations 1 01h Configuration Descriptor 1 Bus Powered, 100 mA Offset Field Size Value Description 0 bLength 1 09h 1 bDescriptorType 1 02h Configuration 2 wTotalLength 2 0022h 4 bNumInterfaces 1 01h 5 bConfigurationValue 1 01h 6 iConfiguration 1 00h 7 bmAttributes 1 80h Bus Powered 4..0: Reserved ...00000 5: Remote Wakeup ..0..... No 6: Self Powered .0...... No, Bus Powered 7: Reserved (set to one) (bus-powered for 1.0) 1....... 8 bMaxPower 1 32h 100 mA Interface Descriptor 0/0 HID, 1 Endpoint Offset Field Size Value Description 0 bLength 1 09h 1 bDescriptorType 1 04h Interface 2 bInterfaceNumber 1 00h 3 bAlternateSetting 1 00h 4 bNumEndpoints 1 01h 5 bInterfaceClass 1 03h HID 6 bInterfaceSubClass 1 00h 7 bInterfaceProtocol 1 00h 8 iInterface 1 00h HID Descriptor Offset Field Size Value Description 0 bLength 1 09h 1 bDescriptorType 1 21h HID 2 bcdHID 2 0110h 1.10 4 bCountryCode 1 21h US 5 bNumDescriptors 1 01h 6 bDescriptorType 1 22h Report 7 wDescriptorLength 2 0061h 97 bytes Endpoint Descriptor 81 1 In, Interrupt, 10 ms Offset Field Size Value Description 0 bLength 1 07h 1 bDescriptorType 1 05h Endpoint 2 bEndpointAddress 1 81h 1 In 3 bmAttributes 1 03h Interrupt 1..0: Transfer Type ......11 Interrupt 7..2: Reserved 000000.. 4 wMaxPacketSize 2 0008h 8 bytes 6 bInterval 1 0Ah 10 ms Interface 0 HID Report Descriptor Item Tag (Value) Raw Data Usage Page (Bar Code Scanner) 05 8C Usage 09 01 Collection (Application) A1 01 Report ID (1) 85 01 Usage 09 01 Logical Minimum (0) 15 00 Logical Maximum (255) 26 FF 00 Report Size ( 75 08 Report Count (4) 95 04 Feature (Data,Var,Abs,NWrp,Lin,Pref,NNul,Vol,Bit) B1 82 Report ID (2) 85 02 Usage 09 02 Logical Minimum (0) 15 00 Logical Maximum (255) 26 FF 00 Report Size ( 75 08 Report Count (1) 95 01 Feature (Data,Var,Abs,NWrp,Lin,Pref,NNul,Vol,Bit) B1 82 Report ID (3) 85 03 Usage 09 03 Logical Minimum (0) 15 00 Logical Maximum (255) 26 FF 00 Report Size ( 75 08 Report Count (5) 95 05 Feature (Data,Var,Abs,NWrp,Lin,Pref,NNul,Vol,Bit) B1 82 Report ID (4) 85 04 Usage 09 04 Logical Minimum (0) 15 00 Logical Maximum (255) 26 FF 00 Report Size ( 75 08 Report Count (1) 95 01 Feature (Data,Var,Abs,NWrp,Lin,Pref,NNul,Vol,Bit) B1 82 Report ID (5) 85 05 Usage 09 05 Logical Minimum (0) 15 00 Logical Maximum (255) 26 FF 00 Report Size ( 75 08 Report Count (4) 95 04 Feature (Data,Var,Abs,NWrp,Lin,Pref,NNul,Vol,Bit) B1 82 Report ID (1) 85 01 Usage 09 01 Logical Minimum (0) 15 00 Logical Maximum (255) 26 FF 00 Report Size ( 75 08 Report Count (15) 95 0F Input (Data,Var,Abs,NWrp,Lin,Pref,NNul,Bit) 81 82 End Collection C0 If someone could write a driver that takes these inputs & makes them available for SuperModel/Mame/M2 Emulator that would be awesome! If I can provide any more support from the hardware end, please let me know.
  8. Derole, could you please post/point to new method? Does this only work with NFSU, what about GT or some of the other arcade versions? Do the arcade versions interface with the Nytric board still (I can test this as I have an original NFSGT cabinet that I have not been able to get running). Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the tip! I have 31 files of 488MB for Xact folder so I assume that is correct? I also learned that my Envy24 audio driver/card when enabled will prevent Battle Gear 4 from booting completely. It will clear the screen and show "Vol 1.00" in the corner then black out and crash. If I enable my ATI video card HDMI audio then BG4 will boot normally. Neither audio configuration helps with GTI club so I'm still troubleshooting.
  10. I too am struggling with GTI Club. I assume gti.exe is the launcher but it hangs for me in TeknoParrot, even if I launch TP as Admin. If I launch the file directly I can see a Sound I/O error pop up (doesn't matter if I use my turtle beach sound card or direct sound out the AMD graphics card via HDMI.). I can pass over this error by hitting enter and the game will go to a self test screen. Sub board is NG? Is this normal? Finally I will crash with a I/O fatal error. I assume the sound card requirement is different than what I have in my PC? Any recommendations on a fix/by pass. Thanks in Advance.
  11. Okay so I learned that a corrupt User (xml) file for a single game will crash Teknoparrot. The easiest solution is to erase the User folder and start over. This leads me to a new question, I am hand editing my xml user files (not too well) because setting up in Teknoparrot is "challenging". The reason it is challenging for me is I have 3 HID devices connected (a Immersion FFB steering wheel setup and a Ultimarc A-Pac). If you just click on an input it jumps between many analog inputs (sensitivity too high?) but then I discovered tonight that if I mouse to the edge of the window it will also show me exactly which HID device is is sourcing the data from. Unfortunately these are all rapidly toggling so it is a crap shoot if I can click on the right one. Is there an easier input setup method? I'm also puzzled as I was able to successfully set up both Sega Rally3 and Ford Racing but after failing at Daytona Championship my "working" setup for the other games also now fails to work. Vjoy is steadfast and Universal Control Remapper appears solid as well. I don't understand what happened to my "was working" configs (even if I copy safe copies back). Thanks in advance for the assistance. Calvin
  12. Is it me? If Teknoparrot is running and I launch a second instance (or if it locked up and I didn't reboot) Teknoparrot will start to run again, see that it is already running and ask me if I would like to close the first instance of Teknoparrot. When this happens, Teknoparrot is corrupted and will not run again (even if I re-install it or run as admin). I can get around this by running another copy from a USB stick location (but I'm running out of USB ports!). I read the post about updating the DirectX drivers but this didn't seem to help me. Any other suggestions? Is Teknoparrot the only loader (I'm only running racing games). Thanks in Advance!
  13. yes, I'm also late to the party and can not find a valid image file. Thanks in advance! Calvin
  14. Yes could some body point me to the exe that will allow steering/pedal inputs? I'd love to put this in my driving cabinet.