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  1. were you able to get player 2 to work? I’ve only been able to get player 1 working. The original keyboard mappings per Mohkerz never worked for me. I think he used a different keyboard standard then exists in the US so his hotkey script never worked for me
  2. It happens to me every now and then. For me I just exit the game and restart and it works. I never uninstalled klite. I will say that I’ve never had it happen when I select 2 player.
  3. I’M traveling now so I can’t share however I use 7zip to unpack .bin files and it works very well. Maybe give that a shot.
  4. does anyone know what the difference is between let’s go jungle and the special edition? I believe it’s just the cabinet itself (dual screen, rotating chairs, etc...) and not any new game play/ features. Assuming that’s it there’s really no reason to play the special edition.
  5. you must have been using jconfig or another emulator prior. You need to make sure to delete the ini files that jconfig creates.
  6. I’m in the same boat. I can use a regular mouse or my trackball just fine but when I try the Lightgun it’s so sensitive that I’m lucky if I can even see the cursor move on the screen. Anyone else have this and figure out a way to solve??
  7. no, it’s still patreon
  8. must just be the game I was trying (luigis Mansion) that doesn’t have the option
  9. I must be missing something. With the game settings in the TP interface there is no “Freeplay” button to check/uncheck like most other games. I mapped the test/service/coin buttons but I don’t see any difference when I boot the game up. It still says Freeplay at the bottom. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. PM me or hit me up on discord and I’ll help you with this
  11. set xinput and map buttons with an Xbox controller. Then use x360ke to map back to dinput devices (keystrokes only). hopefully your using standard micro switch push buttons on your cab. I use this method for a lot of games on mine and it works great.
  12. How do I download the opensega dll from Harm's git? I updated TP to the latest but the dll file date is still from april of 2019. (or am I looking at the incorrect file?)
  13. no luck. The game overwrites the various txt files each time the game starts but it doesn’t seem to read from them, it’s like it dumps the config to these txt files each time the cabinet is “turned on”
  14. i didn’t mess around with DD yesterday but I will today. It looks as if it reads from several txt files so my guess is if a line is commented out that it’s “default” Settings. Try removing the comment and changing the parameters for the lines you wish in the txt files.
  15. gotcha, I’m referring to H2O not DD
  16. changes to the xml’s work fine for me. I’ve played the games dozens of times now and all my changes have stayed with no issue.
  17. no but all parameters are configurable from settings.xml and settings2.xml
  18. [Arcade PC] Need for Speed Carbon (Global VR)

    is it available somewhere for download yet?
  19. I used bit torrent client to download it yesterday and it took maybe 5 minutes. I think it’s only 1.4GB
  20. once in the service menu, what key selects and what key exits the menu?
  21. On the raw thrills website there is a pdf that lists out all the unlockables. There’s a ton in the game!
  22. sorry, I’ve gone back through the last few pages and don’t see the h2o exe file that you posted. Can you point me in the right direction please?
  23. yes, in the game edit screen select the exe as the rom file, flip over to the emulator tab and uncheck use emulator.