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  1. I’m finally up and running too! In my case Mohkerz controls in the xinputter file worked fine with my keyboard. What fixed it for me was using the direct8.dll from the x360ce zip linked on page 4.
  2. I just tried again the button combos with both an x360 controller and my keyboard and only the Esc key is responsive. (deleted direct8.dll tried the key combos, then deleted the xinput1_3.dll and tried again) I then went into debug mode and again no buttons on either respond, not even the x360 analog or D-pad. If I use the original release before Freeplay was set it boots up to a different screen and the Keyboard Enter key works but nothing else. I’m at a loss on how to get any controls working.
  3. Did you have any luck sorting this issue out to get the keyboard working?
  4. Simulate X360 controllers when you just have a keyboard

    @ducon2016 Ducon, I'm somewhat in a pickle now with my normal Teknoparrot issues (crashes if trying to use DirectInput) I just installed 1.93 and have been enjoying the Lindbergh games on Windows 7 however when using DemulShooter 8.5.4 for LGJ & HOTD4 x360kb and DemulShooter collide and more of less cancel each other out so I'm stuck with only 1 player. Any idea what settings I can use to allow demulshooter to hook and do its thing yet also assign the P1 & P2 start buttons to the keyboard using x360kb?
  5. Does anyone use the keyboard to play? I can’t for the life of me key anything to work other then the “enter” key which brings me to the insert coins screen. I can’t get into the test menu to switch to Freeplay. Is there something I need to set in the xinputter.ini? Any other file changes I need to make? I see a couple of others appear to be having the same challenge in this thread. maybe someone can post there working copy that is already set to Freeplay and works with there keyboard?
  6. @july2779 are you using an Xbox controller or keyboard? And for either what modifications did you make if any to get one or the other working?
  7. Guys, I can't for the life of me figure out the controls. I've read Mohkerz instructions a dozen times. I wish to use the keyboard and my interpretation of the instructions is to leave Xinput1_3.dll and Xinputter.ini alone. I boot the game via the launcher (both the launcher and the game executable have been set to "run as admin", the Enter key works to get past the initial instructions screen and once in attract mode I press 4 + R + Space (BLUE PLAYER1, BLUE PLAYER2 and START PLAYER2) to enter the test mode to change everything over to freeplay but the key combo isn't working and none of the keys seem to have any effect. I tried deleting Xinput1_3.dll and using an XBOX One controller but the keyboard Enter key still works and I can't attempt to go into test mode because I only have one XBOX controller. Changing unlockmainmenu to a value of 1 does boot the game into debug mode but I cannot move the selection or select anything because neither the XBOX controller buttons or the keyboard keys have any effect. I assume I'm missing something obvious, can someone please help me move forward? Thank you!
  8. Simulate X360 controllers when you just have a keyboard

    That worked, Thanks ducon!
  9. Simulate X360 controllers when you just have a keyboard

    Question for the group, for whatever reason I've never been able to get Teknoparrot to work on my PC (Crashes when I try to configure DirectInput keys) but if I set the emulator setting to XInput, Games boot fine and I can easy map buttons from an XBOX One controller. I have an Cabinet and have no interest in using a XBOX controller though so I would like to emulate the controller with my keyboard. That said I placed the xinput9_1_0.dll and x360kb.ini files into the same directory as the "game.exe" but it doesn't work. (no beep, etc...) Should I place it in the Teknoparrot directory or is there a different setup I need to do to get this to work with Teknoparrot gameloader? Thanks in advance!
  10. Mohkerz Loaderz v0.5.2

    @Ducon2016 @Mohkerz Guys, I have a question that's a little off topic but could really use some help. I use Mohkerz loaders for SR3, Mario Kart, FnF Drift, and Ford Racing and all work great! I use Launchbox as my frontend and all of these games launch and play just fine. I've been moving over to Big Box which essentially is an fancier front end to Launchbox (part of Launchbox suite though) and I can only play FnF Drift (Which I downloaded Mohkerz build that used some sort of AHK to load). The others launch and then die. (I know they launch because I hear a beep when 360 loads for directinput keyboard) So I assume it doesn't like the gameloader and wants to see the game.exe running in the background. Any idea how I can solve for this? Mohkerz, what is your AHK script that you built to launch FNF? Would it be universal for the other games? I'm pretty stumped at this point so I greatly appreciate any help you can provide!
  11. Simulate X360 controllers when you just have a keyboard

    Nevermind, I missed the note in the readme to change the "calibration.ini" file. All good, works great!
  12. Simulate X360 controllers when you just have a keyboard

    You answered it! I was using the files found in the x64 folder vs the standard dll folder. Sega Rally 3 runs perfect!. Now I have a new issue :-) I'm working on Ford Racing and everything works great (Game and keyboard mapping) with exception of the Left and Right Analog (Mapped to the Left and Right keyboard keys) It seems that maybe the loader may have an issue? Any chance you can check this out or upload v.3 or .4 to try instead? (looks like FRFB support was added in v0.3 so I assume it worked back then) I'm using the current version (5.2) and couldn't find past versions available for download anywhere. Thanks again for your help!
  13. Simulate X360 controllers when you just have a keyboard

    @ducon2016 & @Mohkerz First, thank you for all the great tools shared throughout the Emuline forums! It because of all of you that my arcade cab it was it is today! I'm trying to use Mohkerz Loader for Sega Rally 3, Ford Racing, and Operation Ghost. All of the games boot fine but given I have a cabinet and don't have any xinput gamepads I'm trying to configure x360kb to remap each games keys and I'm really struggling to get it working. I'm running Windows 7 64 and I have Sega Rally 3 located in E:\ SR3. Within this folder I have MohkerzLoaderz.exe & ini, xinput9_1_0.dll, x360kb.ini and all the Sega Rally 3 folders with the game executable located within the "Rally" folder. My x360kb.ini details are pasted in below. What other files do I need to have in the directories? Where do I put them/what folders? I'm sorry if this is a 101 question but I just can't seem to get it working. Thanks for all your help in advance! UseInitBeep=1 Log=0 PadCount=1 HookAllXInputDLLs=0 BlockRawInput=1 BlockKeys=1 CloseProcess=1 CloseWindow=0 ;Key to quit game CloseKey=Esc FilterOtherPads=1 FakeXInputPads=1 HookFastProx=0 SetPropertySuccess=1 DisableDI8Keyboard=0 RemapMethod=2 HideMouse=1 HideTaskBar=1 [PAD1] Start=1 Left Analog Left=Left Left Analog Down= Left Analog Right=Right Left Analog Up= Right Analog Left= Right Analog Down= Right Analog Right= Right Analog Up= D-Pad Up= D-Pad Down= D-Pad Left= D-Pad Right= A= B=Left Shift X=Space Y= Left Shoulder=x Right Shoulder=z Left Trigger=Left Alt Right Trigger=Left Control Wheel Left= Wheel Right= [REMAP] ;Physically pressed key=Key the game believes you pressed ;1=Space ;If you press 1 on your keyboard, the game will only see you pressing space [PAD2] Start= Left Analog Left= Left Analog Down= Left Analog Right= Left Analog Up= Right Analog Left= Right Analog Down= Right Analog Right= Right Analog Up= D-Pad Up= D-Pad Down= D-Pad Left= D-Pad Right= A=Left Shift B= X= Y= Left Shoulder= Right Shoulder= Left Trigger= Right Trigger=