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  1. there's a small typo in the UI that I could fix, does that count? arcade PCBs are extremely expensive, go look up ringedge or sega or taito hdd or something for example PLUS proxy / shipping fees
  2. you don't need patreon for that game that tweet was written on july 31st, it's only been two weeks if they reported it the proper way that would be nice [Hidden Content] example of a PROPER issue report: [Hidden Content]/63
  3. arcade is expensive. buying PCBs / HDDs / IOs is expensive. unlike home consoles which are usually in every household and always being sold online for extremely cheap.
  4. that IS the changelog
  5. Has anyone here thought about clicking this button? It's magical.
  6. If someone could compile a list of regressions and report it on Github that would be very helpful to the developers. I see people always suggesting arbitrary versions for no reason. Thank you.
  7. @LEGEND80 Thank you for using common sense in your (very long) response. To everyone else: If there's something broken - REPORT IT PROPERLY. How can the developers fix something if all the info they have is "this game does not work on my shitty intel PC from 2005 fix it now shitty emulator"? Tthere is a lot of progress happening on TP but there are no new dumps yet. List of games: [Hidden Content]
  8. From TP discord: [1:52 PM] Reaver: maybe becoz we are busy working on stuff [2:13 PM] Reaver: there is no malicious reason to keep them patreonized [2:13 PM] Reaver: just that we busy, i will do core release as soon as i have time