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  1. yes, expecially Sega Race TV and Rambooo!
  2. waiting for patreon free games
  3. I have tried more KOF-Mira dumps without luck, the game stopped on the boot using patched game.exe for windows 10. Can anyone share proper working version of the game KOF Maximum Impact Regulation "A"? Thanks in advance
  4. Can you share your game.exe?
  5. There is a patch for the game.exe that make the game to work on windows 10. But on my TP not works...The loader crash/stopped and return to loader-gui game selection windows.
  6. I have problem with KOF MIRA the game crash on boot. I use TP and already use patched version of game.exe for windows 10. Any tips?
  7. I haven't "UseMouseForGun" in HOTD4 game settings option, how I solve this!?!
  8. solved dis/re-installing motherboard chipset audio driver. Thank for your help!
  9. can you explain me how to set? I have Realtek(R) Audio board -> Stereo -> 24 bit, 44100Hz
  10. Hi all, I have a problem with Gti Club 3, (pc specs: Intel 9600K and Nvidia Geforce 970 GTX) The game, during the selection menu, crash with this error: [error of sound debug xact unknown channel (8)] There is any fix to solve this issue? P.S.: I Have tried 1.80 and 1.82 version of teknoparrot without luck
  11. I have to calibrate the mouse, but if the mouse is enabled on teknoparrot, in test menu buttons are not working P.S.: siggy12's post are mine but the forum have assigned the post to other user?!?
  12. Game Loader All Rh

    I have problem with Sega Rally 3 using GAME LOADER ALL RH: when launching the game an error message show me to use specific Game Loader Rally.exe to run. I have already swapped the original Rally.exe with the Game Loader modified Rally.exe Can anyone help me? P.S.: my PC OS is Windows Seven x64
  13. On my PC (Intel I5 + GeForce GTX970 + Win7 X64) Sonic All Stars crash on boot, also with RH-Loader with your configuration...at begin has worked fine but now I have this problem.