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  1. in what place this jantest you have located ?? i have Outrun2 dir ->JanTest subfolder thera are files i mention before. Game it self working only test dont If I start game and press test game returns to windows, when i choose test from teknoparrot, small window apear then closing i tried to copy jantest file only into O2 directory same result...
  2. in JanTest folder, got only JenTest, JenTestrc and test maybe somethiong wrong with files ??
  3. all set, when i choose test mode it won't work, game works fine
  4. dear lord.. i'm blind.... sorry ;p is it possible to change mp/h to km/h ? in Outrun 2
  5. where can i find Opensegaapi.dll
  6. Few question about Outrun 2 how to change mp/h to km/h ? How to disable free play, enable coin insert (changing in TeknoParrotUi dont works), How to enter service menu in this game, when i chose test Menu in TeknoParrotUi its not working thx for help