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  1. Hello everyone, I was considering sending a donation to teknogods to be able to play Rambo and Transformers, but I'd like to first understand if they fixed the sound effects problem on Rambo. thank you and good evening
  2. Hi everyone, I have some questions for you. 1) What is the version of teknoparrot that supports Transformers human alliance? 2) I have the Teknoparrot UI but it is not updated to .177 how why? 3) My lantop has an integrated video card AMD Radeon R8 M445DX 2gb vram and I would like to run Out run 2 sp deluxe, someone told me that with AMD it could run with some glitches, how should I do is there really a way? 4) If I donate $ 5 to be patreon, can I play the patreon games for only a month? Thank you all