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  1. Slow HDD, that's the only other option I can think of if its a hardware based problem.
  2. Seagate are rubbish these days, I have a couple WD's that are close to 8 years old and still run like new. Every Seagate I've owned has died, their internal hd's seem more stable but I think their externals have really crap shock resistance. If you so much as handle them while reading or writing they will screw up in some manner...
  3. All my Files that were here are flagged as well, Is someone going through the site flagging all the content?
  4. Has anyone tried running the Unreal engine redist to fix the blackscreen issue?
  5. Does it have to be in the directories you described?
  6. Getting a window error popping up saying it can't find ssealy32.dll in nvidia directory, went and checked and its there.
  7. Is their a jconfig for the non 3d version?
  8. Has anybody had the problem with the test and service buttons not working in Let's go island, I go into the test menu but cant scroll through the menu...
  9. Thank you, I'll have a look.
  10. Do you know how to turn off 3D, I go into test and change it but it doesn't save the settings.
  11. I missed the kickstarter by 2 days and was kicking myself lol, he said he will be taking outside orders at the end of October so I'll put my order in then. The constant recalibration can be a pain with the Aimtraks, I'm hoping Sinden is still going to give the option to change the border size though.
  12. Current hardware would be Aimtrak lightguns, I have 2 running on an arcade cab and they do the job. If you can wait there are the Sinden lightguns that just came out of kickstarter, they look really promising and maintain their accuracy better than both wiimotes and Aimtrack.
  13. You could try game loader for those, I find in some cases its a better option than TP. Not saying TP isn't a great program as it definitely is, but I often of opt to use GLARH when I get issues with certain games.
  14. Its the original release with the dongle, its the one I run on my system so I know it works.
  15. I have my mega links if your interested... [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] This is the original release with Dongle, can be used with or without TP...