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  1. Awesome release as always Mohkerz!! Gonna try this on my Arcade Cabinet soon! Would it be possible for you to get tekken Tag 2 to work ? The Dump is already online since some time from what i know. Thank you and keep up the good work
  2. [Dumps] Namco System 357 et 369

    I would also like to know if any one of these are somehow playable ?
  3. Thank you very much @all of you guys here. You are very friendly and Helpful to a Newbie like me. Dont see that often on Forums. Really Awesome! Thanks
  4. I will soon getting an Complete Arcade Cabinet with Hyperspin etc Pre Installed. Yesterday i startet to looking into Hyperspin Tutorials. Is it difficult to Add new things into Hyperspin? Like new games etc ? From what i understand its only really difficult if you need to start from Scratch ? And sorry for the Offtopic! Im really new to all of this!
  5. @a7mag3ddon I had the same Problem with Mario DX. Just search in the Readme from Teknoparrot for a Microsoft link. Download the Package and Install it. That Helped me!