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  1. Fishing Table Games Wanted

    So i have the hdd and usb key. But im having trouble getting it going. HDD 8gb SSD - Its a Chinese Windows NT Boot Flash Drive running Windows 6.1.7600.16385 2006/6/21 It has the game and game updates - but the game the installer exe's wont work There is a program in the programs folder called Senselock attached is the setup info file. slusb Has anyone seen this program before or know a work around as i think it may be causing the error as shown in the attached game error logs. There is a sense4.dll in the game folder as well. I have not been able to access the USB but it does lightup when windows is running. When i got the machine it did work for a few minutes than turned itself off. I was able to get it running for 15 minutes before it turned itself off. I thought it was a pc issues so did a total clean. The PC now will run constantly but will not boot into the game. Please help slusb.inf GameNoneError.log GameSettingInfo.xml
  2. Fishing Table Games Wanted

    Does anyone have the fishing table arcade / gambling games available. I just picked up a 6 player cabinet. Below is a pic of it. The game it has is Fishing Season 3 Would appreciate a link or any information people may have
  3. Thanks very much. I rarely ask questions or comment. But this is amazing stuff. I love Laserdisc movies and especially laserdisc games. so to be able to make our own with existing movies is cool
  4. So how do i access setupgame.singe i saw the files in the download but how do i execute them or run them
  5. thanks very much. definitely keen to try making my own. looking forward to the tutorial and rest of the game