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  1. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    Thanks. I mean this plugin does work while the original FFB of Teknoparrot doesn't. I don't know why?
  2. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    Thanks a lot. Your plugin works great. But I'm wondering why my Logitech G920 steering wheel has no ffb effect with Teknoparrot 1.61hf force feedback ticked. Teknoparrot doesn't support G920 ffb?
  3. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.90) | Arcade PC

    My steering wheel Logitech G920 doesn't have force feedback effect even if I ticked the force feedback and choose my wheel in Teknoparrot 1.61hf, the same with former versions. It shows "unable to create friction effect, disabling force feedback". Could anyone help me? And can someone share your G920 setting profile and values which are like the real arcade steering wheel and force feedback? and how to use the H shifter in initialD 7? I've mapped the 6 buttons, but there is no effect in the game. Thanks in advance.