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  1. Thanks a lot for this GREAT game on this GREAT anime I will try it, so cool to see DAPHNE is not dead and some new games come :D Daphne games are really hard to found, i have all your"s @Karis and all i can found on this forum ... but can see on Daphne some files for other games like : ALG Collection for SINGE + Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars + Last Bounty Hunter + Space Pirates! + Who Shot Johnny Rock? Impossible to find this pack :( And i don't speak about the never released official games like Freedom Fighter .... I really wish the new Daphne LR core will continue to evolve and add the SINGE support to let people playing all these new gems too ... More gamers, maybe more games [Hidden Content]
  2. WOAW incredible to see some LD have been already ripped and we can now convert them to game with SINGE, i dream of that <3 Like one day playing with the last games never released like Freedom Fighter ...
  3. Thanks a lot for this release I will try it ...