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  1. 3 hours ago, fabricionk said:

    Hello, does anyone knows how to reduce wheel sensitivity on GRID and Sega Rally 3? It's so sensitive that's almost unplayable.


    I'm using a Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Wheel. Thanks in advance!!

    I think that wheel is exactly the same hardware as the T80.  I have a T80 and I use it with both of those games, and others.  Have you ever opened the "Control Panel" application?  It gets installed with the Thrustmaster drivers, the icon for it looks like a steering wheel, if you start typing it into Windows search it should appear.  Check those settings.


    Also remember that those 2 games are some of the more difficult to drive, especially Grid which has much less arcade-y handling than other games, while Sega Rally 3 is heavily focused on drifting / sliding.  I remember at first Sega Rally 3 on a G29 seemed impossible but we just had to get used to it.

  2. On 9/26/2019 at 3:08 AM, trouby said:

    and so u are unticking the xinput in 'game settings,      have u tried ticking the right boxes in 'settings' ?  like full Axis   or something?

    I haven't messed with those but maybe I will try them, however those settings work for all the other games.  I know sometimes people will find a certain setting that conflicts with other games and then just make a new TP directory specifically for the one game, I had to do that with one game I forget why now.

  3. 22 hours ago, trouby said:

    can or did you try to change to xinput or d-input?  i had a similar thing awhile ago playing afterburner., but that was with my hand controller. i dont have a wheel.

    As I suspected Xinput doesn't work for a G29, it won't even let me map them.  Thanks though.


    Anyone else have ideas to fix the Fast n Furious games always steering to the right?

  4. 59 minutes ago, trouby said:

    can or did you try to change to xinput or d-input?  i had a similar thing awhile ago playing afterburner., but that was with my hand controller. i dont have a wheel.

    Never thought of that, I have no idea if the wheel will still work if I check the X-Input box for the Fast n Furious games.  I guess I will try it next time, thanks.

  5. On 9/21/2019 at 4:07 PM, linglang said:


    Your Windows 10 is past version 1803 (April 2018) that is why SR3 does not work with any loader, for anybody.

    I've been wanting to try switching to Windows 10, mainly because I'm interested in some Lindbergh games.  Is there a "best version" of Windows 10 for this purpose?


    Anyone know a good method/tutorial for completely blocking Windows updates?  For a start I can keep the PC off the internet but that can really slow you down when trying to get these games working, you often have to go into a browser many times to find solutions patches etc.

  6. 15 hours ago, kamranijaz said:

    you need battle gear pro tuned 2.08 version to run with tp. initially i was having the problem that i was getting the black screen and nothing was happening but i realise that i need to turn off  turn off DTS or any other option in sound panel which using surround sound just like (GTI CLUB sound options to turn off to run it) than it start loading at least but my controls are still not working :ennuyeux: 

    Battle Gear does work for me, I can get into a race and play it, but what I meant was the opponent (AI, computer player, CPU) does nothing, the car just sits there not racing against me.


    I was using a G29 last time I tried Battle Gear and I don't recall having much trouble with it in Teknoparrot.  What controller are you using?

  7. 1 minute ago, linglang said:

    You configured the games in the test / service menu ?

    Each a unique ID ?

    Did you set your network settings in Window$ to use preferred IP addresses ?

    i.e. 192.168.x.1 192.168.x.2 as suggested in TeknoParrot.

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    I do not use DHCP for network settings 

    Yes I have 4 PCs with thru  I have 2-4 player working in other games.  Each Wangan has a unique ID, actually I believe if not they throw up some kinda error.  I have seen Wangan's attract screen change to show 2-4Players available but when we start I don't see any option to start a multiplayer game, we all just end up in singleplayer.  I might have had this working last year but I just can't remember now, although only one of these PCs is from that time, the rest were setup recently.

  8. For dual booting, EasyBCD is a tool that might be useful in some situations.  I had some problems with Windows 10 dual boot and it helped me.  Something to note about Windows 10 dual boots, on mine anyway, I have to restart to get the boot selection, if I shutdown it boots right into the OS without giving me the selection screen.


    I have a steering problem in Fast n Furious games, always goes to the right (I think maybe left), but other than that they do work for me on Windows 7 through Teknoparrot.


    Anyone have suggestions for 2-4 player driving games that work on Windows 7?  I currently have Daytona, GTI Club 3, Mario Kart, Initial D8, Sega Rally 3.  Wangan5 says it's ready for 2-4 players but I cannot figure out how to actually start a multiplayer game.

  9. 10 hours ago, bojo5150 said:

    Silly question for the group. I haven’t upgraded TP since v1.94 and I understand the current version updates automatically. Does TP fail to load games if no internet connection exists? I ask because my setup is in an arcade cabinet and I have no wireless card in the PC.


    Thanks in advance!

    I was having a problem when I tried to add games without internet it would crash.  I believe the reason is that when it tries to grab the icon for the newly added game, it does not fail gracefully.

  10. On 7/19/2019 at 2:53 PM, keeganx said:

    I have a thrustmaster  TMX and the FFB works amazing!  Only issue I am having is with Daytona 3 Championship.  When I hit start the steering wheel turns all the way to the left.  Anyone have a fix for this issue I am having?

    Oh so I'm not the only one that has that kinda problem.  I posted about a similar issue long time ago but it seemed like it was some crazy one-off fluke that only happened to me.  For me the problem(s) are not consistent, they don't always happen but fairly often.


    Best way I can describe it is at various times, sometimes when the game starts, sometimes after the game exits, my G29 wheel is sent into some kind of messed up FFB state.  How messed up it is also varies, sometimes it's locked hard to the right (maybe left too I forget) and completely unusable until I power cycle the entire setup, reboot PC etc.  Another example from last night so it's fresh in my mind still, it went into a state where it was not too strong but still trying to go left or right, depending on whether I'd passed the midpoint.  It was still playable though, my friends just wanted 1 more races before the end of the night so I played like that rather than wait to reboot.


    Oh I cannot be 100% sure but I think it's all or mostly with Daytona 3, and I have a G29, running Teknoparrot latest on Windows 7.  I wish I had better information to troubleshoot this, I'll try to keep better track of exactly what is going on when it happens.

  11. Anyone know how to start a multiplayer race on Wangan?  I can get the attract screen to show 4players available but I cannot remember how to actually start a 2 or 4 player game.  We just always end up in singleplayer.



    3 hours ago, Hot buttered poodle said:

    I'm using TP 201 and trying to get set the controls up in Grid. In the controller settings I don't see a place to set the steer left and steer right settings. I'm I just not seeing it or what? Thanks.

    I just happen to setup Grid earlier tonight, and my "CONTROLLER SETUP" screen definitely had a "Wheel Axis" which I configured and then I tested the game.

  12. Anyone know why Daytona exits after a bit on the attract screen and/or how to prevent it?  Runs the attract stuff for maybe 10 minutes then exits, seems to be a clean exit because there are no errors. 


    I'd post in the Daytona thread but I have recently for another issue and it seems kinda dead, while this thread is kept alive by fighting :).

  13. 2 hours ago, SuperMagoAlex said:


    I solved the problem installing two different version of win 10 on my pc (I can select the version to use when the pc boot).

    I've been considering doing that for other uses, does it cause any activation problems?  I don't even need to run 2 different Windows versions, I'd just like to have one mostly isolated from the other.

  14. Does anyone have detailed instructions on how to enter the test/service menu(s)?


    EDIT: I found the instructions on emuline youtube...


    1.go to c:\Sega\shell\Shell.exe

    2.When you see the Game Shell error screen, juste use T key

    3.Now you are in the Game Bios, T=valid a choice and Y=Choose a menu

    4.To quit BIOS, juste use ALT+F4


    ...and the DK2 thing in my old files. 


    EDIT 2: I solved it, it's HDMI audio, once I switched to analog output Shell.exe works as it should.  That's what changed, last time I played with this PC I was not using HDMI audio.

    But Shell.exe just flashes a black screen briefly then exits.  I have the following error in a log file, a search revealed a couple other people that had it but no solution:

    "unable to get audio mixer line information"


    Still not sure how to enable panoramic attract mode.  I know it's possible I've seen a video of someone's 4 player setup running it.

  15. 17 hours ago, someguy813 said:

    No idea about latest version. Once I get a game fully working I lock it to that TP version, as they tend to break stuff when they update. 

    Would you mind sharing your specific method for doing that?  I have some idea but I'd be interested to hear how you do it, how you keep it organized, etc.

  16. On 11/17/2018 at 9:04 AM, LoloZ said:

    Hello !
    I wanted to know if someone notice managed to run Battle Gear 4 on Teknoparrot?
    I tested the aprem with the version 1.80 / 1.69 / 1.69 Hotfix and at best I have a black screen after the launch, at worst he tells me that there is another emu with all versions dl on this topic and that assigned to Teknoparrot, and I also tried with the "Battle Gear 4 V2.03 GBR [TTX +] (2)" all alone and putting it over the 1.0 ... by removing the files that advocates me TP ... in short, I block! Help! ^^

    I also tested with other launcher provides, but I failed to map the controls donations I just right to a rotating demo, while usually no worries ...

    If someone has a functional version on TP, I think there is either an exe problem or files in excess or I miss it.

    thank you in advance:)

    I run Battle Gear 4 in an older Teknoparrot, I'll have to check the versions and the game version too.  It works, but I have a problem with brake being stuck on and I had to do some workarounds.  I don't have the PC right near me now.

  17. 11 hours ago, Pantherheart said:

    One other thing I'd still like to contribute regarding your "different users" matter and which might be of interest for you is that I'm using two Teknoparrot programs on my harddrive, with an 8% Controller Deadzone in the one, and a 12% Deadzone in the other. Works like a charm when running the currently selected Teknoparrot instance, which means that those two different Deadzone settings never conflict among each other.

    Ok cool, I think I will have to make a separate Teknoparrot installation for each user to solve the controller's changing GUID issue, it's different for each user so the input mappings don't work when you log in as another user.  Scripting could also help with this problem but a separate installation is easier.  If I run into game specific stuff I might do as you did too, or even have one Teknoparrot install for each game as it only adds about 100Mb and I'm only planning to have about a dozen games.  If I branch out later then I think at the very least I will make one Teknoparrot install for each type/genre of game.




    And Happy Birthday Soyabean too :)

  18. 9 hours ago, Pantherheart said:


    If you're running the RingEdge Initial D Trilogy by making use of the renowned Initial D Arcade Stage Launcher - which then again has to be placed into the same folder where your Teknoparrot installation resides -, all your Initial D Card data is gonna be saved into specially created subfolders of your Teknoparrot folder (which are named ID6_CARD, ID7_CARD and ID8_CARD). However, I'm not quite sure where exactly the Card saves are to be found if you start your Initial D racing games with Teknoparrot all alone. Anyway, for the purpose of logic it would be only consistent to assume that in such a case saving takes place either somewhere in the Teknoparrot directory or within the respective Initial D 6,7 & 8 main folder.

    I'm not using that ID Launcher, but when I searched I see the screenshot I remember coming across it before, however I always thought it was just an editor.  I'm not sure what I'll do now, after all these replies I guess my idea of using Windows users to have different "users" for the arcade games isn't going to work.  I'll have to check where Teknoparrot stores the Initial D card data, but even if that is part of the Windows user profile, that doesn't solve it for all games. 


    Thanks everyone.


    EDIT: Ok I confirmed that the Initial D card data generated by Teknoparrot alone is stored per Windows user, in \Users\AppData\Roaming\Teknoparrot  .

    What has me confused is what other things might be stored per user, maybe machine settings are too.  For example, when you first launch Initial D 8 there's a steering wheel calibration that I've never been able to get working, but I bypass it by simply quitting and re-launching and it never asks for it again.  When I made a second test user, that calibration prompt returned.  Also the input mappings (Xbox 360 controller) are all there, but they don't work.  I have to remap them, exactly as they were there's no change, and then they start working.  Although that might be some kinda GUID issue??


    EDIT 2: The machine settings, at least for ID8, are also stored per Windows user, in the same place.  There's an eprom and sram file there.  This gives me hope again, but the input mapping problem still ruins my idea :).

  19. 17 minutes ago, SOYABEAN said:

    you would have to have 2 different versions of that game to do that


    So the files for the machine's settings are stored in the same directory as the game?  Is there a list somewhere that shows the filenames/paths of these memory files for all these games?  If not I guess I'll have to change settings on each game and analyze the directory for changes.  If I know the files maybe I can use some kinda scripting to do what I want.


    But for card emulation like Initial D, the data is saved under the Windows user profile correct?  I think I read that somewhere.