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  1. Dear Sir, 1) Can you please kindly post the mega url for all the extra required nesica files that are needed to run Ultra Street Fighter 2) Can you please kindly post the full step by step instructions on how to run every little file in order to run the game - Ultra Street Fighter Thank you and kind regards Sir
  2. Street Fighter V - Arcade Cabinet is For Real !!!
  3. Any idea why the following games are not working anymore after the latest windows 10 patch 1) Street Fighter Alpha 3 2) Hyper Street Fighter II Anniversary Edition 3) Street Fighter III - Third Strike Can some one please kindly upload all working packages including games and launchers for all these games ? THANK YOU SIR !!!
  4. Thank you for your quick reply Sir, May I please kindly ask - Which Cheat did this person Activated to get this Super Effect ? Thank you and kind regards Fuzzy Cat
  5. Dee Jay - Infinite Super in Super Street Fighter II Turbo Where to get this ROM ? [Hidden Content]
  6. Is there an Arcade Emulator like Nesica for running Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper ? The one with D-Jay - T-Hawk - Fei Long - Guile etc Regards
  7. i keep getting IO Initialization error can someone please help Thanks
  8. I am sorry but it says that the mega link is no longer working ??? I wish to use my chrome browser to download - May I please kindly ask what is the Full Mega Link to download Ultra on my Chrome Browser ? Thank You and Kind Regards
  9. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.235) | Arcade PC

    Operation G.H.O.S.T Pour avoir du sang rouge au lieu de l'avoir en bleuMerci a argonlefouI don't know if it's possible in the original arcade version, but I modded these files to have Red Blood:[Hidden Content] overwrite the 3 .dds files in the "\root\Effect\hit_effect\" subfolder of the game The Mega Link does not work - Can someone please re-upload the mega files THANKS !!!
  10. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.235) | Arcade PC

    The Afterburner Mega Url is not working anymore Can someone please fix this Thank you
  11. May I please ask where can I download this file - NesysService.rar
  12. [Arcade PC] Super Street Fighter IV v1.3

    Thank You But there is no seed to this torrent - it wont download at all :(
  13. [Arcade PC] Super Street Fighter IV v1.3

    Anyone know where I can download the Loader for this Version 1.3 of Super Street Fighter 4 ?
  14. [Hidden Content] is it true that this guy has the KOF XIII Climax Dump available for download ???