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  1. yeah to show it and to impress your friends for the wow factor, but it's totally useless if you want to use it yourself for real unless you have 20 games per system
  2. I don't know if reaver has the competences to write a gamecube emulator, Triforce is a custom gamecube so it's a ppc cpu GEKKO with a custom gpu FLIPPER , so you'll need to emulate both. And you can understand it's a total different beast from having to emulate just the jvs i/o system like tenkoparrot does now. I don't think he's planning to write a gamecube emu but who knows
  3. And it will be always a dream teknoparrot it's not an emulator or better it's just a jvs emulator , triforce runs under gamecube hardware , you'll have better luck asking to dolphin devs