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  1. The game is loading but the textures aren't being rendered even after applying the shader fix. All i am getting is a black background with gun flashes. Is there anything that i could be missing?
  2. sfce206.7z = Shining Force Cross Elysion udx_hdplus = Under Defeat HD+
  3. Daytona 3 works just fine on latest win10, and if you want to run it via teknoparrot, you don't need anything else, just the untouched files (don't install any patches and stuff), and make a ShellData folder with ShellData.ini
  4. @tango3d for hotd4 you need to be a patreon [Hidden Content] (5$ tier)
  5. Just press no to all, those nvidia driver files are unused
  6. Does anyone have a link for Daytona 3?
  7. stop telling people fake news, AMD fix for both VF5 and VT3 was released at the same time as TP itself [Hidden Content] (this is WIP, characters are broken, but its still playable) [Hidden Content]
  8. @atrain9 If you have any overlay apps (like fraps, RTSS, etc.) then close them, game hates them for whatever reason. @jkl this game has 30 fps lock
  9. only shitrow (skidrow) stuff conflicts so far
  10. remove cracked steam games and install steam
  11. TeknoParrot looks for some steam files (its needed for online + steam friends can see what game are you playing with)
  12. Maybe stop pirating steam games, and use real steam lol