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  1. Unholy Night Snes Rom Dumped

    Did it work?
  2. Unholy Night Snes Rom Dumped

    Try this :- [Hidden Content].zip/file
  3. [Arcade PC] Platoon (LaserDisc)

    Cant wait for this too. So funny at 01:14 in the video the soldier on the left has ripped his trousers and he checks his ass !!! Lol
  4. does anyone have the Re-Encoded version of BADLANDS for Daphne Emu? that they can upload? badlands-r.m2v (936mb) badlands-r.ogg (20.2mb) badlands-r.dat badlands-r.txt many thanks Stuart.
  5. [Request] Badlands (re-encode) Daphne Emu

    I already asked there. Pleasuredome no longer supports daphne :(
  6. [Request] Badlands (re-encode) Daphne Emu

    Bump. Does anyone have these to share Thank you.
  7. Neo Geo Full set roms

    no, its a totally different game i have a demo of the game but not full version
  8. Neo Geo Full set roms

    does anyone have these neo geo roms? Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon Kraut Buster Knights Chance Razion NEO XYX Gunlord Fast Striker 1.5
  9. Does anyone have the following Daphne Laserdisc games they could upload? Freedom FighterGoal to GoLaser Grand Prix thanks
  10. thank you dex77 for sharing
  11. hi dex77, did you ever fully restore Thayer's Quest?
  12. great work dex77 do you have links to Bega's Battle & Ninja Hayate remastered? thank you