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  1. I apologize if you received my comments/suggestions as complaints. You have done so many miracles in the past, it is difficult to know what you can do and cannot. Your work is amazing and I enjoy many games thanks to it. As for finding real FFB values, is there a chance to find them through an analysis of the code (disassembly). Could a beginner hope to find them? Thanks,
  2. J'ai plusieurs fois suggéré des améliorations à Boomslangnz et demandé s'il y avait un moyen de l'aider mais il n'a jamais répondu.
  3. Pas vra Pas vraiment, j'ai trouvé ça quelque part dans la doc du FFBPlugin. Comment tu trouves le FFB? Pour moi, ce n'est pas terrible. Il manque des effets en cas de choc
  4. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r845

    Out there you find the link for the save state: [Hidden Content] You will have to load just after having launched the game. However as I said you will always start from this point and will not be able to save your scores. As for creating a save state yourself, you can do it (F5) bu then you will have to edit the binary file (impossible if you do not know what you do). As for the controls, this is related to the following lines in Supermodel.ini InputMagicalLeverUp1 = KEY_UP InputMagicalLeverDown1 = KEY_DOWN InputMagicalLeverUp2 = NONE InputMagicalLeverDown2 = NONE InputMagicalLever1 = JOY1_YAXIS InputMagicalLever2 = JOY2_YAXIS InputMagicalPedal1 = KEY_A,JOY1_BUTTON1 InputMagicalPedal2 = KEY_Z,JOY2_BUTTON1 I have never played this particular game. However I am pretty sure those lines define the controls. You should replace the Keys with the ones you want to use or (better) use the UI to map your controls (described in the doc). This is a bit akward to use however since it is only a command-line function.
  5. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r845

    It does not work indeed. The guys having it in english use a save state which has been hacked. The downfall is you can't save it or you come back to japanese.
  6. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Je n'ai jamais essayé mais c'est sans doute possible. Il faut voir les fichiers .xml dans le répertoire UsersProfile. C'est sans doute assez facile de faire des bétises dans ce fichier !
  7. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Le réglage du volant doit se faire pour chaque jeu. D'abord tu lances TP, puis tu choisis ton jeu, ensuite tu vas dans Game Settings et tu choisis DirectInput ou XInput (les vieux volants sont directinput, les plus récents sont Xinput), ensuite tu vas dans dans Controller Setup et tu affectes chaque action du jeux à un axe ou bouton de ton volant. Pour le force feedback, il faut passer par le plugin Force Feedback Arcade plugin (à installer indépendamment).
  8. Hi Dimitri, Do you get Force Feedback? Is it OK for you (collision against cars and walls)?
  9. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    I fear in most cases, the problem comes from bad usage. Configuration is not so difficult but requires some reading. I do not think many people read the Setup help. It could maybe be a bit more detailed.
  10. [RESOLU] ajout joystick Teknoparrot

    Tu lances x360ce. Tu ajoutes le joystick en tant qu'input du logiciel. Ensuite tu règles la correspondance entre les axes et les boutons (entre le joystick et le faux gamepad). Tu peux aussi régler une fonction de correction entre les axes (amplification ou pas, deadzone, ...). Tu as même la prise en charge du force feedback. Enfin tu minimises le programme (sans le quitter). Dans Teknoparrot, tu verras alors qu'un Gamepad est apparu. Il faut choisir xinput comme entrée et régler les contrôles. J'espère que ça marchera ...
  11. [RESOLU] ajout joystick Teknoparrot

    tu pourrais essayer x360ce version 4. Cela le ferait passer pour une manette x360.
  12. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    It seems many effects are missing in Battle Gear 4 Tuned. Is there a way to improve this? Are there tools to detect events and/or recreate effects. I am not able to code this, but maybe there is a way to do some of the work?
  13. On the TP site, no issue is reported in the compatibility list. Could this mean LAN is working?
  14. avec dgvodoo, l image n'est pas si mal
  15. I have disappointing effects for this game using the FFB plugin 2.1 with my DFGT driving wheel (for example, no effect for collision between cars). Is it the same for you?