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  1. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r777

    Building up on Tomek's experience, I made a lot of tests to find a way to make a 2 players configuration work for the Lost World with a single Mayflash bar. You need 2 Wiimotes + 2 Nunchucks. Indeed for whatever reason, IR works only when a Nunchuck is plugged! (*)You have to: - select the Mode 3 (Gamepad emulation) for the bar- change analog_gun1,2 with gun1,2 in Games.xml- in Supermodel.ini:InputGunX=Joy1_ZAXISInputGunY=Joy1_RZAXISInputOffScreen=Joy1_Button7InputGunX2=Joy2_ZAXISInputGunY2=Joy2_RZAXISInputOffScreen2=Joy2_Button7Crosshairs=3With this config, you shoot with the wiimote trigger and reload with the Nunchuck. Both crosshairs are displayed.You have to run with input-system=rawinput, otherwise only one wiimote will be recognized.Enjoy! (*) In Mode 2, IR works without Nunchuck but only1 Wiimote can be used
  2. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r777

    How do you do this? I have a dolphin bar and 2 wiimotes, could I do this ; if yes how to set-up?
  3. [Trad French] MarioKart GP DX

    Super boulot! J'avais essayé le jeux en japonais et je n'arrivais à rien. Maintenant le jeu est parfaitement jouable ! Une question : quand je fais la coupe Toad (niveau facile), les 4 courses ne se font que sur 2 circuits différents : "Château de Peach" et "Chemin du Royame". C'est normal ?