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  1. Loader Dumps Arcade

    That should have been said in first post that it was patreon only in order for it to be used
  2. Loader Dumps Arcade

    Downloaded this as a zip from the above link but there is no ui exe to start it so most people will be unable to use it. Would be useful for a proper readme or tutorial explaining how to use?
  3. @sonic323 Thank you for the explanation it is much appreciated as i am in the process of getting a dolphin bar again thank you
  4. Could you give us a bit more information as where to place file in game or emulator? is it used with glove pie? does each game that we use a wiimote with need that file placed in it? thank you
  5. Game Loader All Rh

    Loader mode 0 and did you tell it what type of gpu card you are using in miracard.ini if using amd card think you have to set it to loader mode dg not 100% sure on this as i have a nvidia card TTX_Monitor ticked means you set up controls with ttx_config2.0.exe, and JVSEmu means you set up controls with Jconfig. See screenshot for miracard.ini
  6. @mamefan2018 Thank you very much that worked perfect and is very much appreciated again thank you very much/ ps didnt even have to set it to run as admin worked straight away
  7. I tried this using microdsoft loopback adapter for WMMT5 as it requires a network connection and gave it a ip of but it didnt work and gave network error dont know if i did it wrong would be grateful if you could elaborate on setting up loopback adapter thanks
  8. No its works with latest Windows update
  9. For another game Luigi's Mansion and again thank you
  10. change to 1920x1080 and original resolution is 2560x1440 and thank you very much much appreciated
  11. Game Loader All Rh

    Thank you as usual a quick response and solution all working fine again many thanks
  12. @mamefan2018 Could you please post a copy of your script, i am looking for a script like this but cant find one that works, you are the first person i have heard say that has an actual script that changes resolution then launches a game then changes resolution back on exit of game. Thanking you in advance
  13. Game Loader All Rh

    If you mean is the flashing screen still there? then yes it still flashes
  14. Game Loader All Rh

    For anyone wanting to see a single screen on Lets Go Jungle Special useing Game Loader tick fullscreen on tab Screen Size (you must use original lgjsp_app See Screenshot
  15. According to Wikipedia Caldrius AC should be down as Sega Ringedge Edge 2 system [Hidden Content]