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  1. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r793

    Apologies yes that was it when i updated i had forgot to reset the PowerPCFrequency=100 in the ini, working fine now than you.
  2. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r793

    Can confirm major graphics problems sega rally 2 images are appearing and disappearing very very fast on sega rally 2 even same for the spectators around the trackside went back a good few versions all the way back to r783 and these glitches are going all the way back to that version maybe possibly even further.
  3. Modified EXE files for GRID and WMMT5

    @nohero Thank you very much for these, they both work perfect for people that have checking for terminal (the yellow box) use Tecknoparrot version 1.92 as it boots the game a lot faster.
  4. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r793

    You just add a 1 which is turn on example New3DEngine=1 Then save file
  5. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r793

    I can confirm also that the r792 version from Gametronik works perfect while the ones from here and from emucr do not work they crash almost immediately @dirct thank you for finding that out
  6. Game Loader All Rh

    Check task manager and see if it is still running in background
  7. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r793

    Same as the R791 Version not working starts to load and immediately closes had to revert back to the last working build i had r787. Windows 10 1909 latest update 16gb ram gt1030.
  8. [Tuto] Pinball Arcade Loader

    @ducon2016 Thank you so much for this it works excellent and closes the game down very fast excellent A++++++++++ again thank you.
  9. [Tuto] Pinball Arcade Loader

    @ducon2016 Your a star that would be tremendous again thank you for all you do for us.
  10. [Tuto] Pinball Arcade Loader

    @ducon2016 Thank you for the loader it works great i use it to create bats for each game here is an example PinballArcadeLoader.exe "D:\emulators\PinballArcade\PinballArcade11.exe" StarTrekTNG Which loads the game StarTrekTNG Is there a way to add an exit that escape key could close game again thank you for another wonderful program.
  11. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    @flof477 Finally got it working thanks to @Onkel doing the translation, i had to create a folder called SEGA Rally Tools in the root of the Sega Rally Game and also modify the Mdif.bat to @echo off Echo Modificarion de CodecTweakTool.exe pour Wmv3 cd D:\Sega Arcade\Sega Rally 3\SEGA Rally Tools (Change this to the path where your game is and The folder for the CodecTweakTool-Mdif.bat-Restor.bat delete this bit info in brackets) CodecTweakTool /win7ds /wmv1_x86={EE30215D-164F-4A92-A4EB-9D4C13390F9F} /wmv2_x86={EE30215D-164F-4A92-A4EB-9D4C13390F9F} /wmv3_x86={EE30215D-164F-4A92-A4EB-9D4C13390F9F} /wmva_x86={EE30215D-164F-4A92-A4EB-9D4C13390F9F} /silent send exit Save the above as Mdif.bat and run before game. When game is finished click on Restor.bat to restore the codec settings. This wouldnt work with Gameloader as it still gave the out of tex error but worked fine with MohkerzLoaderz.exe Many thanks flof477 and onkel
  12. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    I placed the files CodecTweakTool.exe, LAVFilters-0.74.1-Installer.exe, Mdif.bat and Restor.bat into the root of D:\Sega Arcade\Sega Rally 3 where Sega Rally 3 is my game folder, then in Launchbox i added the bat files to additional apps see screenshot
  13. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Tried this as well i am using launchbox adden Mdif.bat to run before and added Restor.bat to run after but i am still getting out of tex memory, i cant really understand the documentation on the steps i have to follow properly as i cannot understand french it might help a lot better if the documentation was in english also maybe someone would upload the documentation and bats in english it would be most appreciated.
  14. @ducon2016 You were dead right you have fixed the program closing properly. I was using Rocketlauncher to launch and close the game except Rocketlauncher was not closing the game exe down in task manager. I tried a few other games Friction, Dream hunting and the same happens Rocketlauncher is failing to close down their launchers. Running the games by clicking on their exe,s and using their close key, closes the games cleanly with nothing left running in task manager. Apologies all good will be getting away from using Rocketlauncher as a launcher.
  15. Just say your message the lib? before i use any patch i use fresh copy of game and no libs come with the patches was onn the 1.3 and now am on 1.4