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  1. Wait hang on... 6R never leaked here afaik... so you were talking about base 6?
  2. I have not said public server have i? Also the only Public Server is Konami's own Server... The public P-Servers wont add support for obvious reasons. But more private ones have support ofc as people are not talking about them nor do people really get in them.
  3. > why even bother getting it when you know that no server supports Idk about u but i know servers that have CH support so uh that statement is not really doing anything Also having a asphyxia plugin wont help with matching as its a local server... u can match without being on the same server or any server at all (using -ea)... there is a reason why we use VPNs like ZeroTier.
  4. [Arcade PC] Chunithm NEW (Sega ALLS)

    not really now as the vhd with the files already leaked and the install discs have the same content... but its a neat collectable the only thing that has to be done for now is cracking the exe and maybe finding the HCA Key for people that want to backport charts and songs
  5. nope as i am not interested in you getting more n-0 leaks
  6. dump it yourself also supporting CH is not hard since its near to identical to BS and HV in terms of server calls
  7. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    1. Card Manager (I think it was in the F5 row) 2. IRL it searches players correct. Skipping it with FX-L + FX-L is the thing to do if you dont want to wait 3. Should not care but i am not 100% sure after playing VW on a cab while dropping lasers
  8. Game is native 720p (Yes even TDJ) So u can either run Fullscreen or Maximized Window Mode.
  9. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    Take stuff like ZeroTier, setup the Network (172.28.xx range worked for me the best), give the network id to your friend and let him join. After that he should check task manager to get the ip Lastly he needs to put that ip under the -network command in spicecfg (You use the ip from yourself within the network obv.). Done HF
  10. [Arcade PC] Chunithm NEW (Sega ALLS)

    should be easy yeah
  11. [Arcade PC] Chunithm NEW (Sega ALLS)

    as long u have access to the HCA key you can decrypt the AWB files and redo them without the HCA key as AWB so paradise lost or older can read them.
  12. Since you are talking about 6R and not base 6 its easy to answer. As this game is private, JConifg isnt working because the 6/6R JConfig (aka a new version) is not available as of now. As for TP... I doubt they have this game out for patrons... last state that i was aware of was Dev only... Tl;dr its not working since 6R is not public and therefore the updated code for JC and TP is not live. Hope that this is answering your question.
  13. Superstar has the base of Star but thats it... The song list is more Crystal/Paradise like...