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HVG a gagné pour la dernière fois le 15 juin

HVG a eu le contenu le plus aimé !

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  1. My next release: MAD DOG MCREE 2 in 720x480 50FPS (restored from DVD VIDEO source)
  2. How much RAM is installed on your computer ?
  3. Muchas Gracias. Congratulations !
  4. This is my 1080p /720p 4x3 version of Dragon's lair. It is made from the 2006 released HD PC versions of Dragon's Lair, with the original 4x3 aspect ratio. You need a graphic card with Opengl support and enough memory. To run the game just double click the .bat file and go. There’s two .bat versions; - dle11_720P.bat : 1280x720 4x3 resolution - dle11_1080P.bat : 1920x1080 4x3 resolution Folder size: 3.22 Gb. KEYS: Arrows = Directions S = Action Key 5 = Credits Key 1 = Start 1P Esc = Quit Game Mega HVG - Recopilaciones de Videojuegos clasicos