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  1. Can anyone help Id6 How do i get the tuning shop and factory am i missing a download i have version 1+2E I only have story mode and time trail after selecting card help appreciated
  2. Can anyone help with id8 problem i posted above re 8303 error alot of the time With sometimes connecting to a rival And seat id error when creating lobby teknoparrot online for id8 1v2 Seat id error only when i create my own 1v2 lobby in id8
  3. Id8 help Hey hoping someone can help out 8303 offline error teknoparrot online ... When i join a 1v2 lobby most of the time its the8303 offline error ?? Sometimes i get the blue icon lights in the top right corner When its a 8303 error does tbat mean the person i joined has left therefore no one to race .. I can connect only sometimes without error .. Any help appreciated 2nd if i create a lobby i get error after intializing error seat id How to fix this error so i can create my own lobby like others are im trying to create id8 1v2 lobby
  4. Hey when creating my lobby for id8 after game launches i get seat error id Only when i create my own lobby How do i get past this error??? If i join a id8 lobby 1v2 already there it works Also if i play wmmt5 i can play lan from 2 pc at home i understand How do i play on server like initial d Is the only way hamachi and discord ??
  5. I have the required jgt file replaced in game folder anything else it could be
  6. Thanks but i tried all this and still get d3d error With gameloader 305 i get it to load but then crash on start race 2 min error
  7. Can someone link fast beat loop racer dump Cant find it anywere on here in search i only get ffb mod patches
  8. Hey maybe not the place to post not sure but can anyone here tell me why when i run roadfighters 3d through gameloader 305 or 276 all rh i get a timeout error spice.exe waited two minutes but the game did not start properly or u are starting a game not supported by gameloader Win 10 64 8gb nvidia If run just through spice i get direct 3d error
  9. Legend got it working after this post
  10. Cant get past budgieloader.exe load screen when trying to launch id4 on teknoparrot 1.53 It loads the dos budgieloader.exe black screen then goes back to teknoparrot menu I have pointed teknoparrot to the disk0 id4.elf file that was extracted from id4.bin file with poweriso Win 10 64 bit 8gb ram nvidia gpu Anyone can help me out
  11. Anyone know how to adjust wheel settings g920 for outrun2sp sdx Mine is selecting things to the right automatically ... is there a test menu working or logitech setting My wheel works good on id8 and wmmt5 As for fullscreen i run jennifer file and patch is inside jennifer folder Game settings unchecked windowed Teknoparrot is added to favourites in windows borderless gaming but gives me a black border left and right side but game is centred only can get centred image on screen running original jennifer file with these black border on sides Win 10 nvidia gpu
  12. Can someone show me how to load a game with teknoparrot 1.53 hf3 with win borderless gaming much appreciated Tryin to run outrun2sp and any others that wont load fullscreen with this program
  13. Outrun 2 sp have now almost got game running fullscreen but how do i get it to fit to whole screen as points and level goals at tge top have been cropped And when it starts sega logo is not centred its to the left Fullscreen win 10 anyone help 1.53 hf3
  14. Hey there i am trying to patch outrun 2 sp on tekno 1.51 hf2 .. I have put the res patch app in jennifer folder Then point tp to res patch save Successful Then point tp to jennifer vga file save Successful Start game game loads with low res get to race screen then white screen with ui only ... Is this how i patch outrun2 sp Or do i not have to point tekno to the patch and instead i should just double click and run it from jennifer folder .. I have patched wmmt5 at 1920x1080p so trying to get outrun2 the same resolution Same thing when i tried 1.53 hf any got this working fullscreen win10 1920x1080p and can share install info ..
  15. Hey been playing Wmmt5 on hotfix 2 crashed after completing story 60 black screen after pics at the end Im using tatoohanz translation also So load game again Before had car upto 830hp now it crashed after ending of game and didnt save the last 5 of the red races so car is back at 815 hp and the red box races need doing again Anyone had this or should i just try again and see if it saves this time