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  1. I do not have any Skidrow games installed on my pc, and I was always giving this message, the solution found for this problem: Just install the '' Steam '' application on your PC, do not enter it just install it, then open it teknoparrot and be happy! [Hidden Content]
  2. Wow! So what to do? Is there any way to solve this?
  3. But what is the relationship between steam pirated games with the emulator Teknoparrot? I do not have any steam games installed. I have another PC that works without problem.
  4. I have this problem with teknoparrot 1.64 (already tried in previous versions and problem continues), I tried in several ways and nothing, does anyone have a solution for this case? "Appid is not configured" Skidrow. Anyone else in this same situation? What to do? Thank you!