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  1. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.82) | Arcade PC

    I am getting a problem trying to get Virtua Fighter to boot. There is an elf file in the Disk0 & Disk1 folder and I can not get either to boot. Also, Virtua Tennis 3, I can not get the correct rez. Every elf file stratches it beyond the frame on my tv. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Game Loader All Rh

    Thank you. I figured it out. There was a tab under my NESiCAxLive section of rocketlauncher that says, "Restore Frontend On Exit". I just clicked the restore option and it works like every other gaming system.
  3. Game Loader All Rh

    Hello, if anyone could help me I would appreciate it. I use Game Loader for TTX, Sega Rings and NESiCAXLive. They all work properly except the NESiCAxLive. When I exit a NESiCAxLive game the loader exits to my desktop then my frontend pops back up. When my frontend pops back up, it is frozen until I click it with my mouse. TTX and Sega rings when I exit the frontend is right there and fully functional. Am I doing something wrong? The version I am using is 2.8.2