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  1. You have the wrong drivers. You have the driving force GT but the picture shows reg df. You must have had a win update recently. I had a similar issue. You have to go to the drivers, update, choose my own drivers and choose driving force gt. then your image will update to correct wheel and you have the option to do rotation -z for brake again
  2. beautiful. Thank you for your hard work. Hopefully something similar can be done for dead heat or WMMT4, i struggle with linux
  3. is this the same that was duped years ago with the other lindbergh or this new(as in modified or cracked exe like initial d)?
  4. is it supposed to be 9mb? just add and overwrite 1.0 or is the link broken?
  5. it uses 5.1 audio. you need to fake 5.1 if you dont have it.
  6. ID6 will need a patched exe before its supported. it has additional protections. But it seems like teknoparrot will support it if someone else cracks it so that's good news. 0.5 should also be out today w/o id6 support.
  7. Version 0.3 is out. Includes GUI and Sega Racing Classic Support
  8. I finally got it to work. I used theses setting but it was still crashing. My coms were set up as COM10 and COM5, i change COM5 to COM4 and it stopped crashing. Controls are still funky using my fightstick
  9. you cant, this loader only supports two games right now V tennis 4 and Melty
  10. [Emu] Dolphin 5.0 Triforce/GC/Wii

    thank you. hopefully i can get them working in dolphin
  11. [Emu] Dolphin 5.0 Triforce/GC/Wii

    can someone share their saved card for mario gp2?
  12. Read the readme. it gives the info for everygame. use google translate
  13. in his original video, it clear he has the arcade pc hooked up to a LG untrawide monitor which allows for dual input in one screen. its fake until he should it loading up for win explorer . dont forget next week is april fools.
  14. fake, ringwide is Win OS, there would be no emuiator, it be a loader. it would be loader. all his other videos are fake too
  15. Ive gotten all games except Arcana Heart 3 to work. No matter what I do, i do not get an inputs. can someone share their settings? jconfig does not work for me
  16. anyone gotten to work into virtual box? nothing happens when i try to launch it.
  17. teknik has made other cracks. False positive.
  18. Hello Bruce. i am too busy to play with this for a while but try these config and see it they work for valve r [Hidden Content]
  19. Nicktoons Racing Arcade Pc

    i download load vjoy, installed it. created a 4 axis and 4 button virtual joystick and then used UJR to map it. i tried it with my xbox controller and logitech g25 wheel and the game reads my controller it but not correctly. i tried all morning and gave up to get it 100% working. vjoy [Hidden Content] ujr [Hidden Content]
  20. Nicktoons Racing Arcade Pc

    Thanks for this. too bad ppjoy is such a pain. I got the game to load using vjoy and ujr which works better than ppjoy on win 8 but i could get the mapping right even after trying to calibrate.
  21. anyone got a link for bishi bishi? ive been looking for it all week and I cant find it
  22. so close yet so far. i will not post a tutorial until i get it working properly so please do not ask. i am only posting because I am stuck and could use help. i was able to map the mouse as an xbox controller using a very not ideal method. i created a vjoystick using ppjoy, then i use ppmouse to map the mouse buttons to the vjoystick, then i used xbox360ce to map vjoystick to a xbox controller. the game loads without my xbox controller turned on. yay. the triggers work. yay. the x and y axis move. yay. the game keeps resetting the x and y coordinates back to zero. boo! im pretty sure this is the game settings and not windows because it is not resetting to zero in windows anyone with more knowledge than me think they can figure out? also, can someone post and unmodified xbox_inputcfg.lau? the one in the pre-configured download has been edited.
  23. [Arcade PC] Deathsmiles 2

    neofighters is down i believe. Any idea if you can use your sniffing program to find out why the other taito x games that have been dumped but not emulated work? like battle gears 4 (gives jvs error) or kof sky stage or dynamite baseball? maybe they also use com3
  24. [Arcade PC] Deathsmiles 2

    loader is working great on win 7 64bit. I do get graphic glitches tho. any idea? i will try it tomorrow on my better pc