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  1. thanks for clearing that up, fingers crossed some genius gets this one working
  2. There is a new update available TPUI 207 to 208 just now
  3. nice one for the Winning Eleven ARCADE CHAMPIONSHIP 2008 + OS does anyone know how to run it on pc ?
  4. Think of it this way how much money would you spend at the arcade ? a lot more than 5 to 10$, if you take your kids, you can easily spend 500$ I know lol now for 5$ you can have the arcade experience playing from home on your home pc thanks to Teknogods nothing is this world is free, you cant even pick an orange from a tree anymore lol well worth 5$ for being Patreon save your pocket money, stop buying sweets
  5. the newest none Patreon games are Super Bikes 2 and Dead or Alive five Ultimate Arcade
  6. there is a new update available TP UI .. 205 to 206 [Hidden Content]
  7. [Arcade PC] Super Bikes 2™ (Raw Thrills)

    good to know it's still working, thanks mate
  8. [Arcade PC] Super Bikes 2™ (Raw Thrills)

    can someone try Super Bikes 2 and let me know if it working for them please on TP
  9. zExoR🐉Today at 3:07 PM okay there is not work around for different drives i can tell you the game must be on the c drive or else it won't start as far as the crashing i'm not sure i left it in the rarwt w/e file on the root of my c brb okay game is crashing for me after i select a character i have not tried with other tracks or chars so yeah New Messages BusterToday at 3:23 PM How to update? It won't work :v
  10. tried that already mate, still no go lol over on Teknogods zExoR🐉Today at 3:00 PM okay so i can't seem to update to 1.07 tried it manually also and winter snow x crashes pixelsToday at 3:03 PM Hi all .. it tries to update to 107 core, but fails. It stays on 106, and will not update to 107, any fixes for this ? zExoR🐉Today at 3:03 PM I would say go to the github and update the core manually but it's not working either. at least for me. BusterToday at 3:04 PM Not working for me either. :/ zExoR🐉Today at 3:05 PM does snox need to be on the c drive? maybe no fie work around one sec punkdark2000Today at 3:05 PM When opening teknoparrot always asks to upgrade to version And in the game on the screen to choose the vehicle the game crashes and leaves.
  11. okay, tested the Snocross with the new TP updates, pressed start when asked, then the game says pick a track, game then crashes to a blue screen, at the top of the screen it says "switch test"
  12. why is everyone in a hurry to jump on linglang back excuse the punt lol if you read his comments clearly, you will see that his info and his advice is always wright, linglang is trying to show us all how much this could cost in the long run. everything he leaves in here is never dull, he lightens this place up with his sense of humor I'm not here to cause drama, I am here like all of you to play arcade games on pc maybe if we ask Mohkerz nicely and even help him with donations now and again, he might decided to help us all out again, otherwise donate to be a patreon on TP, and we will see some of these great games you all want to play. Lets all work on this together, no need for all this, work together and make things happen
  13. just in time for Wimbledon Thank you NoKey
  14. I was just about to ask how you do that lol I love it, I was dying for a sports game, need a soccer one now lol Thanks again mate!