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  1. Patreon TeknoParrotCore Released! | Teknogods on Patreon Official Post from Teknogods: - [Patreon] Dirty Drivin supported! Thanks coffeemanAlso OpenParrot will soon get some new cores as we start to further open source our project.
  2. Open TekkenGame folder .. then open binaries .. open wins64 .. TekkenGame-win64-shipping .. put this in TP make sure you have updated TP
  3. Patreon OpenParrot Released with Tekken 7 FR Support. | Teknogod... Official Post from Teknogods: Since famous internet gang released dump of this game, we added support for it.Enjoy, no patreon required.
  4. WOW! Luigi's Mansion Arcade IS amazing LOL I have the windowed box ticked and mouse box ticked just press 1 on keyboard to start the game, use mouse to play
  5. It will be the Party piece for the Halloween Party I am having lol
  6. nice call Poodle Happy Halloween 2019 everyone
  7. why are you begging ? when the game should be released to PATREONS already
  8. [PC] Racing Recommendations

    just been playing this game on pc I am sorry lol but it's so much better than the Arcade version the Physics of the game are Amazing crashes feel so fucking real lol with the AI
  9. Try this for full screen on KO Drive .. ive just tried this and it went fullscreen on its own with no borderless gaming in the tpui put windowed off in the ini file i put resolution = unique .. like it say to do ..
  10. KO Drive how do you get in game cuz it says insert coin ?
  11. I am using a Logitech Dual Action pad and my keyboard for Mach Storm
  12. try going into the test screen and start your credits on 20
  13. poodle I start with twenty credits on Mach Storm , then I press letter S on my keyboard till the credits reach 0 then I press my missle button to start the game on control pad
  14. TeknoParrotCore Released! | Teknogods on Patreon Official Post from Teknogods: Changes: Fixed issues with old version.SnoCross now uses D3DCREATE_SOFTWARE_VERTEXPROCESSING so it does not crash, however without emulating this properly the game will not run very well. Thanks Microsoft.[!Note]Unless hardware vertex processing...