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  1. Thanks for the reply mamefan2018. Regarding Melty Blood....I did as you said, and downloaded that zip containing the old fake hd files. I also attempted to change the resolution and launch the game via GameLoaderALL. The problem with the different fake HD exe files, is that none of them match the resolution my monitor is capable of displaying, ie 1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080. They all deliver a picture that is either too small or too zoomed in. As far as changing it via GameLoaderALL, all that does is make the picture small and places the image into the upper left corner of my screen. The native display of my monitor is 1280x800. Any particular GLA Config setting you can suggest to make the image of MeltyBlood fit my screen properly? On a side note, looking at this game and observing its graphics, it appears the game was designed to be played at a native 640x480 resolution. The sprites and backgrounds look low-res, which I'm assuming is the reason that "patch" you refer to was given the label "Fake HD". A bit surprising to be honest, since I always thought Melty Blood was one of the newer fighting game franchises. Even upscaled I don't think the game would look that good. You can kinda tell it doesn't sport TRUE HD 2D art in the same vein of something like Persona or Blaz Blue. Interesting.
  2. Hi guys. I got two questions... 1)How do you fix the graphics in House of the Dead 4? The character models are corrupted and messed up. There are also several .elf files to launch for HotD4. I'd like to know which is supposed to be the proper elf file to run? And could that be why the graphics are all messed up? 2)Melty Blood AA runs in low res, at 640x480. Is there an HD patch or something to make the game run at least at 1920x1080?
  3. Do you know what you are anx10us????? .....you are THE FUCKING MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for your help brother! I was completely oblivious to the fact that these bin files needed to be extracted. ISOBuster indeed did the trick!!! Awesome!! Thanks again buddy you *ROCK!!!*
  4. Hi guys....OK two things: 1)The link to Virtua Fighter 5 on the front page of this thread opens up with Mega Downloader, and starts downloading basically ALL TP supported Sega games. The entire file is like 40-somthing gigs. I don't want to d/l all those games I just want VF5. Can someone post a working link to VF5 only? 2)Some of the Sega games within that large download link comes with only a single large .bin file. I tried running the games from the .bin file via TP and or course it didn't load. Can someone shed some light on why some Sega games like After Burner Climax, House of the Dead 4, House of the Dead EX, and Virtua Fighter 5 all came with only a single bin file?
  5. What resolution do I need to set in order to run it in full screen without it being zoomed in, and keeping the correct aspect ratio? I don't mind the black borders but at 2720 x 768, nothing shows in full screen mode.
  6. Game Loader All Rh

    Thanks for the reply. I don't have the ttx_config2.0.exe. I have the Game Loader All and JConfig.exe files. Where do I get the ttx_config2.0.exe from? Link? Also, I have the JConfig.exe but all that does is launch the configuration menu. Is that also supposed to actually launch the game too? If so, how is it done?
  7. Game Loader All Rh

    Can someone please tell me how to get past the "I/O Error - Please Reboot" message in King of Fighters XIII?
  8. Game Loader All Rh

    Can someone tell me how to get the gamepad controls working in Chaos Code? I mapped everything using the JConfig app, but no response from the game. Is this one of those games that requires the use of Joy2Key or similar KB mapper?
  9. Game Loader All Rh

    Well it looks like I had no choice but to resort to re-installing DS4Windows again and using that in order to use my DualShock controller with GLARH. The problem is, Windows 10 won't let me calibrate the DS4 properly. It's reads the rear triggers as digital buttons 7 and 8. Weird. I wonder if there's a workaround for that. Anyway I got some games running and working with the controller now. Something weird though. Some of the graphics and resolution related options GLARH config menu are grayed out for Arcaena Heart 2 v2.1. Is this normal?
  10. Game Loader All Rh

    Thanks for the reply and suggestions Onkel. I used to use ds4Windows but I stopped because I didn't like it. It used to interfere with a lot of games I played and just didn't work properly. I also removed the two files you named and that didn't resolve the issue. May I ask what controller you're using Onkel? Would an Xbox Wireless controller work better? Or are you using a DS4 like me and using "DS4Windows"?
  11. Game Loader All Rh

    Hi guys. I was able to finally launch a game in GL. I was able to find the menu that allows you to remap gamepad controls, but there's a problem..... I'm using a DualShock 4 controller and as soon as I attempt to map a key, it immediately maps one of the analog triggers to the function. It keeps reading the trigger as if it's being held down repeatedly. Is this a common issue with this controller or any other controller? Are you guys able to use your controller with GLARH? Or is using a keyboard mapping tool such as Xpadder required to use controllers at the moment?
  12. Big thanks mate! I'll check those out. In the meantime, a couple questions.... 1)It seems I have some(if not all?) of the Taito games already since I have the entire MAME CHD rom set. However, they're all in, well....CHD format. Do either GameLoader All RH or TypeXtra or any other emu beside MAME support CHD files? If not, does that mean I will probably need to re-download them from here? 2)Also, without looking through the entire MAME CHD romset, and trying to guess what game is what, what percentage of TaitoTypeX games would you say are contained in there? Some of them? All of them? 3)I went ahead and grabbed the NESICALive torrent from this thread: ....it came with all the NESICA games which is cool, but can you point me to a torrent containing all the TaitoTypeX games as well?
  13. Hi guys, I have a few SUPER newbie questions so please bare with me.... Basically I want to play the Taito Type X games. I already have them all from a torrent. 1)What is the best emulator to play them? 2)Does TeknoParrot support all the Taito Type X games? 3)Or....should I use something called Taito Type X loader? [Hidden Content] 4)I grabbed the TaitoTypeXLoader.zip from the link above, and upon unzipping the file, the only thing it contained was a readme and nothing else. Is this normal? 5)Why are the Taito games also referred to as "NessicaxLive" ? What is the purpose of this label? 6)Does this NessicaxLive service need to be emulated in order for me to be able to play the Taito Type X games? If so, which emulator should I go with? 7)Are there any patches that are required to apply before I can run the Taito games? Sorry for the stupid questions but with everything being in Spanish, I'm a little confused by all this.
  14. Much appreciated thanks guys
  15. Hi guys. I have a laptop with the following specs: Windows 10 Pro Intel Core i3 7100 Overclocked to 3.9Ghz Nvidia GeForce 1050Ti w/4GB VRAM 12GB Ram How well can I expect games in TP to run on this machine? What percentage of games should run at full speed? Won't be play any racing games, but everything else, particular the Taito stuff.