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  1. [Hidden Content] Download the latest release, then set it up (should be pretty straight forward) Don't need to compile anything.
  2. Nah, I've been using the same public dump as everyone, if you set the thing to export either in SegaTools or ZeroLauncher then the game is partially in english (don't think theres a full english version in existance yet, I think someone's working on a translation)
  3. Wow, didn't realise my launcher had been shared here :D I don't check emuline very often, but if anyone has issues with the launcher there's a link to the support discord on the GitHub main page thing [Hidden Content]
  4. If there's a public dump of monkeyball then i'm sure it won't take long for the devs to make the profile no longer developer only, probably the same for virtua R
  5. your first picture says error??? what are you trying to flex lmao