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  1. Open your All-In-One V5 using WinRAR or WinZip then copy and paste the contents to your game data and replace it when asked.
  2. I don't know. I'm gonna find this out
  3. That's because private servers like Arcana are by-invitation only to certain individuals.
  4. Only the 20200728 modules. The reason why I said that is because if you notice that when you run 20210804 modules you'll see on the upper left corner of your screen a message saying "please wait..." before the warning splash screen pops in. Even in player login screen will the same message appear. You should NOT see that in 20200728 modules. Also, the server "server.eamuse.network" is intended to be used only for those who are running a private or public server that supports score tracking such as Arcana, Enigma and the like using the latest datecode.
  5. Change it to 20200728 modules for now.
  6. Are you using the 20210804 modules?
  7. Is s'il vous president (song ID: siru) also present in the V4?
  8. Care to tell me what are some of those?
  9. No. Modules are the DLL's needed to run the game itself specifically the following: arkmdxp3.dll arkmdxp4.dll gamemdx.dll ess.dll You can find them inside the modules folder itself. The reason why you're having data mismatch error is that spicetools doesn't have the patches yet for the latest date code of the game (assuming you're using the 20210804 modules). Speaking of hex edits, @carlosgordon1970 has provided the excel file for that.
  10. For now you'll have to use the old butterfly before the fork was taken down by topet. And make sure to use the modules from 20200728 as all 2021 modules won't work (that's in my case).
  11. I already have all those 3 missing songs: roki, koii and siru. Don't ask me where I got it from.
  12. Yes, it supports 20200728 data. Any data from 2021 onwards won't.
  13. Guys, check first if you can connect locally thru butterfly server and also check if you're not seeing a "please wait..." message pops in before the warning splash screen appears.
  14. You're using 2021 modules. Use the 20200728 modules in the meantime.
  15. ATTENTION TO ALL! For those who've been struggling to play A20 PLUS with the current 20210804 data, I strongly suggest to do this. After you have copied all your 20200728 data to your game data, copy ONLY the following data files for all 2021 game data (includes 20210316 & 20210804): For 20210316 data copy the following contents: jackets, thumbnails and startup.arc (from your arc folder) then all contents of mdb_apx and sound folder ONLY. DO NOT copy all the arc folder except for those contents I mentioned earlier. Some of the graphical assets were tinkered in which you may see the thumbnail display on Select Music screen being obstrcuted by two thick horizontal lines (as reported by @vinson77). For 20210804 data copy the whole data folder EXCEPT arkdata and modules. This is only the current workaround I and @topet2k12001 can think of at the moment.