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  1. R-Type Dimensions EX (PC) can also take advantage to our new functions. So I've updated its shader config. You can take it in the usual folder: [Hidden Content] Game video options must be set to : 1920x1080 / Widescreen / Normal 2D Camera / Without effect / Default brightness/HUD. Also you can switch from 2D to 3D mode whenever you want: as shown in the above pictures it will work even with 3D crasy setting
  2. I have updated the shader config for MeltyBloodAACC-1.07 (Arcade). You won't need LoaderAllRH anymore for this game but you will now need a custom exe made by ArcadePC/AllRH for this game. (available here : [Hidden Content] ) It can be launched by TP or jconfig (using ArcadePC jconfig exe). This is the first shader config made that can run in any resolution The game will be launched in your desktop resolution (even if the resolution of the ArcadePC/AllRH's exe doesn't match it). So 4K or FullHD (or anything else) should be supported. For best result please set your desktop resolution to your own native display resolution before launch. The ratio is defined for a 16/9 display btw... (also the overall result is better than before). [Hidden Content] Enjoy
  3. And also the same for the Nesica version of this game on a single FullHD screen : [Hidden Content] No need to make any custom resolution or anything else, it should work directly
  4. Something I always would like to get : an enhanced AC mode for the PC version of DariusBurstCS with an enlarged screen display for a single 16/9 screen configuration. This is something we can reach now using this shader without having to break the other modes of the game. [Hidden Content] No CRT effect this time, the only goal of this config is to enhance the AC mode (DariusburstAC) for single 16/9 screen users. The AC version of the game (and only the AC version) should be enlarged by 140% and should get a bezel. The other modes of the game shouldn't be impacted (they are already in 16/9 aspect ratio). The game must be set to single screen 1920x1080 in fullscreen mode. Please test it and keep me informed about any issue.
  5. As said the shader for demul has been made for the new D3D11 plugin and this plugin doesn't support internal resolution scale Also there is no need at all to upscale more the internal resolution when using a CRT shader... So no please use the new D3D11 plugin of Demul.
  6. Thanks for the feedback You're welcome! PS: We are working again on the shader with Ducon2016 and it becomes now even more powerfull I will probably upddate some of these configs in order to use the new features. Stay tuned!
  7. I have also these 2 characters and I have also the steam version It seams like the 2 games (home and arcade) share at least some config files in appdata folder...
  8. Visiblement on peut améliorer le visuel au même niveau que la version PC : - DefautGameUserSettings.ini [ScalabilityGroups] sg.ResolutionQuality=200 sg.AntiAliasingQuality=3 sg.ViewDistanceQuality=3 sg.ShadowQuality=3 sg.PostProcessQuality=3 sg.TextureQuality=3 sg.EffectsQuality=3 - DefaultScalability.ini [PostProcessQuality@2] r.SceneColorFringeQuality=0 r.TonemapperQuality=3 [PostProcessQuality@3] r.SceneColorFringeQuality=0 r.TonemapperQuality=3
  9. there is a standalone 2 players version of this game?
  10. Thanks for trying to help but I have exactly the same problem with your files (mostly the same as my previous ones btw). Still ghost keys...
  11. I still have ghost keys with this game. Each time I start a game 2 others players come to play (even without additionnal credits)... Never managed to get this game working correctly because of that. Any help would be welcome
  12. [PC] Fighting Games Recommendations

    They said late 2019 for PC, so probably same date as switch release... I hope so.
  13. T'abuses un peu: les configs sont pas bien compliquées à faire... [Hidden Content]