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  1. It's quite simple : The arts (bezel/background) are defined in the code to be in 16:9, but you can make a 21:9 bezel image and resize it to 16:9 (I'm not sure you have to resize it in 16:9 but probably...) and then in game use the "art ratio" slider in the shader to stretch it back in 21:9. Si tu dois toujours utiliser les configs sinon rien ne sera paramétré pour le jeu et tu devras tout paramétrer toi-même. Le truc c'est qu'avant reshade et GameLoaderAllRH n'était pas vraiment compatibles et depuis cette mise à jour ils le sont.
  2. Just tried with kof14 and 64 bit version renamed "d3d11.dll" works
  3. Hi, You can do it like that, this is what I do for darius for example (3 screens) PS : "flat version" looks better in my case (3 screens displayed in a single one) # # BGFX POST-PROCESSING OPTIONS # bgfx_path bgfx bgfx_backend glsl bgfx_debug 0 bgfx_screen_chains crt-geom-mod-deluxe-flat,crt-geom-mod-deluxe-flat,crt-geom-mod-deluxe-flat bgfx_shadow_mask slot-mask.png bgfx_lut bgfx_avi_name auto
  4. The BGFX chain settings are not saved by MAME so you have to edit the chain setting file : bgfx\chains\crt-geom-mod-deluxe.json The best you can change to set the intensity of the effect is "Aperture strength". This is not really the scanline strength but the "dot effet" strength... 0.3 (default) is probably too high, 0.25 or 0.2 should be better; Also if you don't like the alternate pixel effect you can set "Textured Mask Size" to 1.0 instead of 2.0 and update at the end to get " { "sampler": "mask_texture", "texture": "bgfx/chains/crt-geom/custom-mask.png", "selection": "Shadow mask" } " If you want to use different settings for some games, you can make a copy of this file (renamed "crt-geom-mod-deluxe1.json" for example), set in this file different settings and use this customized chain for the games you want
  5. For the reshade version (v3): the higher the resolution, better will be the result. Most v3 configs are "resolution free" and so they could be used in any resolution (exepting a few ones where the resolution restriction is given in the readme and most often it's more a simple "ratio" restriction to match the settings used) There is usually nothing to change for 4K but the bad side will probably be the performances... (you often need a high-end computer to play in 4K with the CRT-Effect applied) For the Mame BGFX version, it works in any resolution without any issue. In fact it should be even more beautiful in 4K than in FullHD and again even more good in 8K (if you can handle it...) But below 1080p the result won't be very good and to be clear in 720p or less it could be really awful So 1080p is good enough, 1440p should be very good! 2160p will be very nice but needs a very good computer, ..etc..
  6. strange, it should work... In your ini you should have : # OSD VIDEO OPTIONS # video bgfx and # # BGFX POST-PROCESSING OPTIONS # bgfx_path bgfx bgfx_backend glsl bgfx_debug 0 bgfx_screen_chains crt-geom-mod-deluxe "glsl" for the backend works better for me than "auto" (dx11) but you can use any other. Hope it helps. Please keep me informed.
  7. yes your mame version is probably too old. If I remember good it was tested for 0.217 and still work with the last mame versions (any of them) but I don't know for the older ones.
  8. Yes it's annoying I know but you can edit them all in 1 single time using notepad++ for exemple.
  9. There is a MAME BGFX shader : [Hidden Content] To use you need to set MAME video option to "BGFX" and BGFX_screen_chains to "crt-geom-mod-deluxe" (in mame.ini and games inis also)
  10. I don't know for ChaseHQ2 (never tested) but for SFIV it should work. Check "inp_video_size" settings (if the game is not stretched to your full screen display it should be set to the game resolution) PS: Huntdown (PC) config just added
  11. To lower the dot effect you just have to edit "bgfx\chains\crt-geom-mod-deluxe.json" with notepad and put a lower default value in "Aperture strength"
  12. Using Demul's config and the loader included it should work. But the CRT effect itself is set to disable by default for Hikaru games because Demul use a small 640x480 buffer for them and the CRT effect needs more to be displayed correctly...
  13. Oui exact , c'est exactement ce que fait le loader
  14. Si jamais ça peut aider je viens de trouver comment fixer simplement Yatagarusu pour ceux qui ont le fond noir En fait il suffit de passer le symbole décimal en point "." au lieu de la virgule "," dans les options régionales. Comme ça : Avant : Après : Edit : Voici un loader maison qui fait ça et qui remet le paramètre d'origine à la sortie du jeu : [Hidden Content] Note :L'exe réel du jeu doit être nommé "game.exe" Par défaut ce loader lance "Game Loader All RH.exe" s'il existe, sinon "NESiCA_Unlocker.exe" s'il existe, sinon il lance simplement "game.exe"