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  1. yeah irt's mad trash,but at least is good to keep kids away from your games.
  2. Same,everything works fine outside of the audio,it only works on game menu and select screen,but no sounds in-game,with teknoparrot doesn't even launch. Win10
  3. Hi,someone knows if there is a fix for HOTD4 cutscenes desync? I'll show a example: [Hidden Content] All cutscene run like this and end it up too soon,with dialogues being cutdown..
  4. With the last new version of Teknoparrot i have an issue with HOTD4 cutscenes,all of them are desync,too fast and get automaticaly cutted......someone know how to fix this? [Hidden Content]
  5. I don't know why,but the game crash in hospital level (chapter 2),after you get the shotgun and go over the next 2 doors,is someone else has this issues? Win10 64bit
  6. I don't have words anymore,this probably the worse release ever,it's all messed up and even adding games on UI crash everything. Also,why Sega Race TV still patron only?
  7. First all,thanks for every link i never had problem with Nesica games since i don't use Teknoparrot to play them. I downloaded ID4 & ID6(since are the only two games in the series that gives me problems) from your link and every tool,even i had all i just did a reset,delete everyting and redownload,ok? ID4 sound problems: [Hidden Content] ID6 Intro and Map in-game: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] So i guess we can stop with the story then i download trash hacked trash dumps now,you know how to fix this issues? what cause them?Thanks Again! Plus I never said anything is easy and cheap,so stop using words i never said and yes you should be mad when windows doesn't work if you paid the lincense. Let's quit this shit out is better for everyone. @SOYABEAN i have no problem to discuss normaly,but i don't when someone start false accusation like i go download virus hacked dumps around,like it's the first time using internet for me. I like to try and resolve problem too,i don't like the attitude that something don't work so GTFO go learn programming and other someshit.
  8. For trash dump you mean dump here in this forum. Plus i don't give a fuck if it's a hard or not to make sounds in linderberg games,he has a Patreon people paying to add wroking games in the teknoparrot project,when i get a release i expect the game to work even with sound end of the story. So instead of sucking Reaver cock,show me the correct dumps,cause all "the trash\clean dumps,not prepatched\jconfig hacked prepacked crap" i downloaded and i got them all here in this forum and in this thread. Or you wanna say Emuline and is trash now?
  9. VT4 and Sonic and Sega all star racing never worked for me, so it's not the classic "windows update problem",with game loader doesn't work either even if i run them as "administrator", i asked Reaver for help but he basicaly said then he doesn't give a single fuck. Cpu : intel i7-6700k Video card: Nvidia Geforce 1080ti gtx 16 gb ram The thing that pisses me off most is HOTD4 with not sound effects,Let's Go Jungle with no voice sounds,VT3 with sun-burn light problem and crash after the 3rd match,ID6 with huge graphics problems like the intro is fucked up and in-game the map covers all over the screen,ending with ID4 with crappy sounds effect. This are "everyone" problems,so the real question is:why release all this game with huge problems like this and refuse to fix it yourself? BUT HEY WE GOT CS:ZERO GET HYPED..........................................he gets paid for this and is simple not acceptable,i prefer to have very few games running excellent that a shit ton of games every release with problems. Maybe is just me.
  10. The true nature of Teknoparrot is here,he will just keep adding games,if they don't work too bad fix it yourself byeeeee. Utter Bullshit.
  11. When the race is starting the games crash someone has the same problem or know how to fix this? Everything work,but i can't start a race the game just crash. I'm using the fixed dxwnd and MohkerzLoaderz(or FNFSC_LAUNCHER_v5 same issue) launcher to start the game.
  12. Drivers are updated and even in headphones is the same thing.
  13. Free Play [Hidden Content] i really don't know what do anymore,damn!
  14. Someone know how to fix this problem with Pokken? [Hidden Content] It's really annoying,i just update my audio drivers and i have problems only with this game.